*To improve our health, make a positive impact on society, and close the gender gap in sport!

Ladies, do you participate in sport?
Or, more importantly, would you like to?

Almost anybody who knows me well will know I do. You can’t really miss the fact that I kickbox, and quite a lot!
But, that hasn’t always been the case. I hated sport at school and avoided it at every possible opportunity. I was ‘not a natural’… in fact I was a self-conscious, ‘fat and unfit’, teenager!

As a child, I used to play football, always with boys, and even when I was young I often felt that ‘I wasn’t good enough’. My best position was goalie…

Even as early as when we (females) start school, society starts to ingrain it into us that ‘girls don’t do sport, but boys do’. Yet, physically, especially before we reach puberty, we are just as capable! And we benefit massively from it too!

I used to be able to climb trees as well as any of the boys… it was only in ‘sport’ that I got self-conscious! Even at such a young age, my head was already telling me ‘I wasn’t as good as them!’

I am now keen to work together, to help change the negative perceptions in the minds of so many women; adults, teenagers, and children!

I wasn’t good enough

Thankfully, society is changing! And we can all play our part in moving forwards, positively.
By supporting, partaking in, and promoting the opportunities which are provided!
Or, as a provider, by ensuring female-friendly environments and creating opportunities that both appeal to, and are accessible for, women!

All statistics shown from Sport England document on ‘Go where women are’.

The statistics show that there are 2million fewer women regularly participating in sport, than men.
They also show, as demonstrated above, that this is not merely through a lack of interest!

So, are you one of those 13,000,000 women?

What’s stopping you?

I have been there, and I am now working to identify what my own barriers were. And why it took me years to overcome my fear of ‘getting started’…

Sport often has ‘masculine’ associations. Even the women who get involved can fall victim to criticism of their masculinity… (This is a whole subject, it it’s own right!)

A lot of the promotion of sport simply doesn’t appeal to women…
Even the word ‘sport’ will often put a woman off, without any further information!

However, we can reframe these, often negative, associations of sport into benefits which we can positively identify with, as women – yes, sport WILL be a benefit to you, even if you ‘aren’t sporty’.

I wasn’t either.

But, that can change and that change will result in an increased positivity in your life!

So, what does actually motivate us, as women?

By incorporating the essential core values of women into the sport which I have personally received so many positives from, to both my mental and physical health, I am now passionate about providing the best ‘female-focused’ health, fitness, and sporting environment.
Designed predominantly by women (mainly me, but I’m getting other women involved too), solely with the benefits of women in mind!

My journey wasn’t the easiest. When I began, I was the only female in my club.

I am here to make your journey a more enjoyable one.

I have learned, through my own struggles, how I can best help you to succeed.

And I need you to get involved and spread the word too.

Together we can help improve the lives of 13,000,000 women!