Laser hair removal still evokes much controversy. Is it effective? Is it true that it entails cancer risk?

Dermatologists recommend laser hair removal to those who often suffer from irritation arising from regular hair removal based on electric razors or single-use razors. Although the laser hair removal is not cheap, it proves to guarantee conspicuous results after a few treatments.

Laser hair removal as an alternative
If any unaesthetic pimples and papules emerge on your skin after shaving, you may try to hide them with various cosmetics. Despite your efforts, they will be more or less visible, even if you rub top-quality creams into your skin. For this reason an alternative is a laser hair removal which can eliminate this problem. All you need to do is undergo a few treatments to get rid of redundant hair for a long time.

Contraindications against laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is not suitable to everyone. It is not intended for pregnant women as well as persons who:
take the so-called photosensitizing drugs (this group of drugs includes acne antibiotics, anti-depression medicament),
have cancer,
have suntanned skin,
have viral, bacterial or fungal infections in the place where the treatment is to be carried out,
use self-tanning creams, bronzers or beta-carotene,
would like to remove red, gray or blond hair (the laser cannot influence these colors).

How to prepare for laser hair removal?
Similar to any other beauty treatment, it is necessary to prepare for laser hair removal properly. At first consult your doctor responsible for the treatment. Discuss all details before the first and any other session. Please take into consideration such factors as health, color and condition of your hair. Here are a few tips:
a month before laser hair removal – refrain from shaving spots which are to be exposed to laser;
three weeks before the treatment – stop using ointments with retinoids;
two weeks before the session – resign from taking phototoxic and photoallergic drugs;
a few weeks before the treatment – forget about sunbathing.

Whats is the treatment like?
Before the treatment you will have to fill in the survey which contains questions related to your health, past diseases, drugs taken. Next your skin will be tested with a laser to check if it does not get irritated. Subsequent to this initial exposure, it is time for the actual treatment. During the treatment the laser light penetrates melanin located in the hair follicle and then destroys it along with the entire follicle.

If there are any reasons why you do not want to or cannot choose laser hair removal, enter this website Product Port to learn more about other hair removal methods.