Fitness is a lifestyle, and for Latia Reed, it has become a full-on passion. Dubbed as a self-professed fitness fanatic, she’s been in the health and wellness industry for the last eight years. Her fitness journey all began when she saw some imperfections in her body that she wanted to improve.

Initially born in an environment with a strong spiritual foundation, Latia Reed found herself being strengthened in all aspects of her well-being, be it physical, mental, or spiritual. Her motto in life goes, “A body in motion stays in motion.” This is where the foundations of her lifestyle are deeply rooted. Throughout the years, she has been doing a tremendous amount of research to hone her craft in the way she approaches her body structure. 

When Latia Reed initially started on her fitness journey, she did not have extensive knowledge of fitness equipment or fitness routines at all. However, throughout the years, she has developed a rigorous routine that strengthens the core and builds muscle. In all the things that she has done, she has always managed to connect with her inner self to physically push herself to the limits.

“Fitness has become a lifestyle for me which made me transition other parts of my life to be more healthy,” says Latia Reed. She even created a personal skincare routine that allows her skin to glow. She is also very conscious of what she eats, always trying to eat clean and watching her calorie intake.

Latia Reed continues to push her fitness lifestyle beyond her personal life as she posts healthy motivational material on her social media platforms to inspire other people to go on their own fitness journeys and succeed. She has taken it upon herself to inform women all over the world how living a more pure and healthy lifestyle will improve the quality of their lives.

Through her efforts, Latia has inspired many people to achieve their fitness goals. She has given out many pointers to anyone in need of assistance when it comes to fitness and training. Her knowledge in body mass index, fitness assessments, equipment operation, and weight management have been especially useful when giving out tips to her massive audience. 

“I have a genuine care and concern for people in general and want to see them accomplish obtainable goals,” says Latia Reed. “I envision people being their best selves. I want them to be more confident, stronger, secure, and happy with who they are as individuals because each person has something unique to bring to the world.” 

The Sexy Drama brand fully aims to help people discover the benefits of training and living a healthier lifestyle. Latia Reed is utilizing the pillars that have helped her become the person she is today. Her platform has allowed people to escape reality and channel their energies to a place of nostalgia in the field of health and fitness.