Comedy is a serious business. A serious business with only one purpose — to make people laugh.”

Most of us want to have more fun, it just seems like it is not as easy as it used to be. The reasons are many: guilt (because others aren’t having fun), perceived inappropriateness (because others around us cannot have fun) or lack of time (because our commitment to others won’t let us have fun). Yet, science gives an encouraging nod that we need to make time for fun and should perhaps prioritize it.

Someone has once said, “Comedy keeps the heart sweet.” This is truly what Funcho founders Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah believe in. Making people laugh is not easy. But once you crack the code of what kind of content people expect, seeing him erupt in laughter is a beautiful site said Funcho’s founders. The duo even collaborated with many celebrities for exciting videos. Funcho not only creates funny content but also music videos.

If I am able to laugh with you in my mistakes as well as with you in yours, it suggests we are all flawed and imperfect. Embracing good natured humor, we find the humility to see the foolishness of trying to be perfect and the gift of enjoying the smiles and laughter of love.

They says, the culture of comedy in India is growing by leaps and bounds with people having limited choices beyond movies and music. Moreover, given that most of us are leading stressful lives, there is this constant need to de-stress, and what better than a dose of comedy.

We need fun. We need en-joyment. We need to be pumping joy in to our lives. Don’t forget to have some fun every day, every weekend, and several big times a year. Don’t let your life fall into joylessness. All work and no play make us dull and sick. Make it your business to have fun on a regular basis. It’s really important, they said.