Having worked with individuals from all around the world, Laura Murillo noticed a commonality amongst so many women – they lack confidence. A lot of them are struggling with their self-esteem, whether it has been from a toxic relationship with their partners, unhealthy upbringing from their parents or due to bad experiences at work, to the point that they no longer find themselves worthy enough to go after the things they want to achieve. As Laura struggled with a lack of confidence many years ago, but being able to overcome this, is the reason that Laura has dedicated her mission to change people’s lives through the content she shares on her platforms. 

Throughout her years of experience, Laura has mastered the art of empowering women using these three keys to elevating the inner confidence. Since the inception of her coaching business, Laura has helped people unleash their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. Here are Laura’s 3 key secrets to elevating your inner confidence. 

1. Understanding Your Emotions

Many women fixate on the idea that being confident means always feeling content. That’s why the moment they experience any negative emotions, they tend to push them away. What they don’t realize is that by doing this, it’s causing them more harm. Suppressing emotions always end up with despairing thoughts which provoke even greater sadness.

By understanding your emotions, you’ll not just recognize those negative thoughts but you’ll also be able to understand where your emotions are coming from and why you are the way you are. You’ll be one step ahead and be able to manage your thoughts whenever you feel any negative emotions coming, preventing you from damaging your mental health and interpersonal relationships you have around you.

2. Crushing the Inner Critic

Once you understand your emotions, you are now ready to crush that inner critic that’s making you feel a particular negative emotion. What you need to do first is understand where and when this inner critic started showing up. It can either be during childhood or at any stage in life. Then uncover pieces of evidence that support your claim and one by one, try to shift those negative thoughts into something positive. For example, if your inner critic is telling you “I always end up getting hurt”, change it into something like “I’ve been hurt a lot of times but without all those experiences, I will not be as strong as I am now.”

3. Taking the Plunge

Some women dream and some who make their dreams happen. The reason why some women come across confident is because they take action, regardless of the fears they know they’ll be experiencing; like rejection, failure, making mistakes, or even constantly worrying about what everybody else is going to say or think of them. Confident women know that although the fears are always there, they don’t let these fears become obstacles and they still decide to focus on taking actions to accomplish their goals.

Achieving inner confidence is easier said than done. Without committing to it, you may end up getting lost along the way but once you master your emotions and the inner critic, it will become easier for you to start taking action towards your long term goals. In turn, you’ll be more confident in achieving anything you put your mind to.

It is no secret that many of us may lack the confidence we desire in different ways. If you are struggling with inner confidence to any degree, be sure to implement Laura’s 3 key secrets, you’ll get yourself on the right track to becoming the best possible version of yourself. If you’d like to learn more about Laura’s programmes, head over to her website.