We live in a time of personalization. In a time of technological innovation, the insistence on various products we purchase has led industries to focus specifically on an individual rather than simple mass consumption. Personalization comes in a variety of forms. In some cases, a product must be personalized to appropriately meet a specific need. With other products, we personalize them to fulfill the feeling of ‘belonging specifically to me.’ Perhaps consumers just wish for a product to be fun or different, contrasting from any other product like it. Personalization has become a driving force in a variety of industries, yet for decades, the health and wellness space appeared to be left untouched. 

Row upon row of jars of pills, spread across shelves at your local grocery store was the most typical way of purchasing vitamins, nutrients, and supplements. In many cases, consumers would purchase what they had heard or thought their body required. Tablets made for mass consumption, left for consumers to sporadically purchase. 

Melissa Snover was an avid consumer of the respective products. Her concentration on her health led her to consistently purchase ‘off the shelf’ vitamins in the hopes of improving her health. With Melissa being an accomplished entrepreneur, she found herself constantly traveling. From city to city, Melissa would pack her daily vitamins in a large, plastic bag. On one occasion, Melissa navigated her way through airport security. In doing so, her luggage opened causing the plastic bag of vitamins to fall out of her bag. As she scrambled to pick up the vitamins her frustration caused her to contemplate the challenges of lugging around vitamins everywhere she went. 

A moment of frustration led to months of research. Melissa worked to discover a better way of improving her health and wellness. As her research came up empty-handed, Melissa worked to develop a solution. The several vitamins she took each day were far too tedious, and she understood millions of people across the world felt the exact same challenge. Melissa began to work with industry innovators to discover a better way of improving health and wellness. 

Melissa Snover would soon launch Nourished, the precise answer to the obstacle so many face. The state-of-the-art technology would bring personalization to an industry. Unlike ever before, consumers would have the opportunity to answer questions to a short, scientifically-backed quiz to find the exact vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to improve their health and wellness. From the quiz, people receive a personalized 3D-printed 7-layer gummy vitamin (which they are able to customize with a variety of flavors and coatings) that suits their specific body, mind and lifestyle. Each of the 7 ingredients in each stack, is individually layered through 3D printing, with each one being as unique as you are. Melissa Snover was faced with a challenge and created a brand that brought personalization and customization to an industry perfectly suited to it. Your health, your body, your needs are unlike any other person’s, and the vitamins you take should be as well.