The coronavirus pandemic has really put the Digital Marketing industry to the forefront of the business world. More and more entrepreneurs are entering the digital marketplace. A few young marketers like Layne Schmerin are thriving through their innovative marketing skills. Schmerin entered the digital marketing world on the back of a tragedy and has been making a name for himself ever since.

Schmerin started off as a music marketer. He was rather successful and worked with the likes of Russ and Ryan Lewis. The real breakthrough however came when Schmerin co-founded the “Top Tree Agency” with his brother Jonathon Lepow.

Schmerin and Jonathon’s decision to start their own company was highly motivated by a personal tragedy. Their brother Brandon had passed away due to cancer and the brothers took it upon themselves to educate people on medicinal use of Cannabis. Schmerin made effective use of social media marketing to promote the new cannabis company. The success of his marketing techniques made the brothers realize that they can use these marketing methods to help other businesses as well. 

Today, Top Tree has grown into the foremost marketing agencies in the US, with a reach of over 10 million. They have also managed to score some big clients like Columbia Records and a number of up and coming e-commerce brands.  

At the heart of Schmerin’s success is his willingness to take calculated risks. 

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing”, he says. 

Schmerin has made effective use of the meme culture to engage audiences. His innovative marketing techniques have helped him gain bigger clients and greater recognition. Schmerin was featured by Forbes India in June 2020 for his exceptional marketing skills. 

Schmerin is staying grounded in success and stresses the need to keep learning new things as a marketer. 

“Marketing is a continuous learning process, and you can’t sit and relax as you have to keep on learning new things to stay relevant in the market.” 

Schmerin isn’t resting on his laurels and pledges to keep working hard and motivate millions more. He also has a few words of advice for up-and-coming digital marketers.

“Love your work and be passionate about it. Keep in mind that you will fail but don’t stop until you get what you want. All the hard work will pay off eventually. So keep on working with your full heart as there are no shortcuts to success,” Schmerin tells the youngsters.

Digital Marketing is evolving everyday with rapid advancements in technology and new ways of promoting businesses. These innovations offer great opportunities but also present a few pitfalls. As a young entrepreneur it is important to learn from the success stories of innovators like Schmerin. The only way to the top is hard work. As Schmerin puts it, “There are no shortcuts to success”.