Lazaris The Top Don is on the verge of dropping one of the biggest albums in his music life, ‘Svccess In My Path Vol. 1.’ As an iconic musician who has been on the stage for years, he has a tight schedule that sometimes sees him pulling all-nighters and long hours in the office. Despite being in the bloodline of musicians, getting weary and burned out is normal for everyone. In a recent interview, Lazaris shared his tips of avoiding stress and staying for long hours without getting burned out.

Lazaris, who is already used to performing on stage, did not hesitate to share his tips to relieve anxiety, which caused stage fright. He has been a Hip-Hop artist, and the mogul has some tips for managing fear and anxiety.


Lazaris has to practice adequately before performing on the stage. According to him, practicing is the best way to kill anxiety. While practicing, he may find out that the mind and the body are not in sync that day. Instead of forcing issues, Lazaris takes a break and do something else that the body and mind love, like meditating. When he gets back to work, he finds out that the brain and the body are ready to take in anything. Therefore, he goes on with his practice. This allows Lazaris to do the best he can in a very short time rather than when he tries to force himself to do something that the mind is not willing.

Stay Active

Medics and therapists have already proven that it is always beneficial to stay active and give your body the foods that make it naturally active.  According to Lazaris The Top Don, exercising should not be something to be reminded of. It should be in your blood such that you have your specific time for exercises. Lazaris added that he has set out time in his schedule for meditating and exercising.

Listening to music

As a musician, Lazaris loves to listen to music. He was introduced to music while he was young by his mother, who always listened to his uncle’s music, a great Cuban musician, bandleader, and composer, Arsenio Rodriguez. Lazaris affirmed that listening to music makes him sober and stress-free.