There is so much going on in the world. With little balance in what we can do socially, it is essential to make sure we are grounded emotionally and mentally. When the world does open again, you want to be ready. I’ve read a lot about guided meditation and the benefits of making sure to quiet your spirit and listen. It is not an easy thing to do with all the noise that surrounds us daily. But when we do, we can hear ourselves and tap into an inner spiritual voice that guides us. I recently downloaded an app called: Arise. Arise is a free Christian audio app that offers audio-guided prayer & meditation sessions to help you grow in your faith, practice mindfulness, & discover motivation through the word of God.

It focuses on breathing and the art of meditation. It makes you self-aware and deliberate when dealing with your breathing and mental space.

When the year first started, none of us could have comprehended how challenging it would be. The art of meditation helps to calm the fears that reside in our subconscious.

Controlling your thoughts and ideas are essential when you are genuinely trying to thrive and not just deal with circumstances. Maintaining optimism and being self-aware is so important. My favorite part about this app is sitting still and finding peace in my mind and heart despite what is happening externally.

Three important takeaways from the Arise App are:

Focus: When we shift our mind to the positive, we automatically can see ourselves differently. We can visually create the life we want first and then manifest it naturally based on our thoughts and vision.

Peace: Sitting still and shifting to a positive and peaceful place takes practice. It is not easy to push out the rest of the world, but once we guide our thoughts through meditation, we change our inner peace.

Looking Ahead: Without too much focus on our fears. The Arise App helped me to look ahead and focus on the positive. There are so many things that happen to us in our daily lives. Making sure to focus on the positive and looking ahead to the good is so important.

a·rise/əˈrīz/Learn to pronounceverb

  1. 1.(of a problem, opportunity, or situation) emerge; become apparent.”new difficulties had arisen”


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