Today’s world has changed everything we thought as normal. Small Business owners are making tougher decision than ever to keep employees safe and their diligent staff working. Before the New Norm, I had a sense of gratitude for life and I can fervently say that I am more present that I have ever been; my appreciation for the trivial things is magnified 10 fold. My thoughts and deepest sentiments go out to everyone affected by the virus, may you and your families be well. 

Houston, Texas, USA downtown city skyline and highway.

The motivation, to attempt at being candid, and share my thoughts with a omnipresent audience at the risk of harsh or warm comments, proves little risk in the face of our shared reality. A compelling need to contribute more to our shared experience is the driving force guiding me to contribute something that I hope “motivates” you, and serves as a reminder that we are in this together. 

Day to day is unusual and our routine consists of uncertainty. As normal people we are expected to isolate and practice Social Distancing as a way to survive COVID-19. The expectation prompts us to ignore our natural instincts to connect with others in the outside world. We are living in strange and unusual times indeed. 

I believe that this change is a demand that we take an introspective approach to move forward and challenge ourselves to become greater thinkers. If you are leading a team, a normal day looks a lot different than it used to. 

In retrospect, the forced isolation is an opportunity to share what may have been taken for granted in the past; controlling what we can in the moment, while avoiding the hype of minutiae. So I ask you: How do you lead in the new norm? 

 Here are 5 helpful ways to move forward in the new norm. 

1. Be Positive

It all starts with YOU. 

What is your message? 

What do you want your team to takeaway and remember? Is your message authentic or authoritarian? Can you balance the two and share your vision that is your burning desire to win? Does a call to action mean that your team is reminded of your partnership toward success? What does success look like in the new norm? Share your Emotional Intelligence with Empathy and balance your message with kindness. A sincere tone is likely to fit your audience in today’s climate. 

2. Engage Your Team

Where does your team feel comfortable responding and meeting? A new experience is the best part opportunity for growth. The new norm has it’s challenges, how will you and your team overcome these obstacles? You can move the bar and teach your team how to use a new tool. Bonding to your team virtually can happen over this new learning experience. Who knows, you may learn something too! In my experience, you may discover a diamond in the rough, and a new leader may emerge from your ranks. 

Here are a few popular choices: 

Message Apps 





FB Messenger 



Video Apps 

Zoom Meeting


Google Duo 


Google Hangouts 



3. Create & Innovate 

How will you spark the problem solvers on your team? How can you activate and focus the solution makers around you? Challenge yourself and others to find new ways to get the job done. Now more than ever is the time to tap into your creative side. Using the resources you have, pool your talent together and delegate tasks to your assigned new leaders; build a better, stronger team. How you do that well is the creativity part! 

4. Make time to learn 

How do you reinforce your message and keep your team’s attention? Invest in yourself. Reading is shown to improve writing and writing enhances speech. Your team will be greatly influenced by a leader who can find colorful ways to connect them to your vision. 

5. Protect your Mental Health 

Above all, take care of yourself. Remember to take it one day at a time. Lessen your stress by focusing on the things that give you joy. For some it may be taking a morning run, reading a good book or eating with a loved one. Throughout the day take a moment to reflect and remember what you are thankful for. Taking a break will keep you stay energized, help you to focus, and will result in more a productive outcome. 

From me to you, be well. -Joe Perez 

Houston, Texas, USA