The podcasts listed below have gained widespread acclaim for their ability to educate aspiring leaders looking to sharpen their skills:

Leadership and Loyalty

This program is one of the most popular leadership podcasts today. Hosted by Dov Baron and featuring a number of successful business people as guests, it explores what it takes for current leaders to inspire loyalty in others, and how these requirements have changed in recent years. Baron stresses that compassion and emotional intelligence are the qualities that modern leaders should cultivate.

The Nice Guys on Business

Rated at almost a perfect 4.9 stars on Apple Podcast, hosts of this program (Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner) interview business leaders and employees with a casual attitude. Their role as the eponymous “nice guys” is to inspire their listeners to approach business from a place of earnestness and compassion. “Be genuine” appears to be the only rule for their episodes, and the podcast features relatable guests and stories that can be hilarious, heartfelt, or both at once.

Recode Decode

Renowned technology journalist Kara Swisher offers a critical look at the modern technology industry and what its entrepreneurs are doing to advance its progress. Swisher grills CEOs, celebrities, and politicians while challenging her listeners to think critically about leadership and how to conduct a successful business. Technology junkies will be especially interested in Swisher’s podcast, but any aspiring leader wishing to challenge their mind should be up to listen to its thought-provoking episodes.

Masters of Scale

Co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman hosts this podcast, which covers the development of a business from the ground-up. His guests are the CEOs and founders of the most successful modern companies, including tech revolutionaries like Google and Paypal and fixtures of contemporary urban life like Starbucks and Uber. Each episode focuses on one of Hoffman’s insights into how a fledgling business is “scaled” and grows successful.

Leadership Biz Cafe

In his podcast, the world-renowned leadership writer and speaker Tanveer Naseer shares practical advice on how to be an influential leader today. He’s tackled specific issues ranging from leadership in the COVID-19 pandemic to how to handle making mistakes, making his lessons informative yet succinct for his listeners to absorb.         

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