Leadership Quotes to Live By by Mark Gerardot

Leaders know how to take control of a situation or project. It is not done in a bossy way. Leaders consider the overall wellbeing of the team and the production quality of the project. There are some traits most successful leaders have in common such as accountability, comradery, and servitude.

It isn’t about being served but being of service to the team and the product. Good leaders don’t necessarily place themselves on a scale of hierarchy. Instead, they regard themselves as just another active member of the team playing a different role. The following are some leadership quotes that show how leaders play their parts.

“A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see.” — Leroy Eimes

Although many people have dreams, leaders have visions. Being a visionary has its price as leaders are the first ones to see the plan, process, and destination before the others. While some individuals may not resonate with the idea, the leader understands the significance of making specific judgment calls and decisions. In essence, the leader is the one lighting the path so that others may follow.

See the good in people and help them. — Mahatma Gandhi

Constructive criticism is essential when leading others as the feedback should be used to improve their skill and efficiency. However, it is just as important to highlight the fantastic work that people do too. Seeing the positive aspects and the assets that one brings to the table will help members of the team to stay motivated. People don’t perform the best when they feel underappreciated. It is possible to see the excellent work done and help the individual where they need help. They will likely be more receptive to that approach.

“A boss has the title; a leader has the people.” – Simon Sinek

Being a leader is not about status. A boss tells people what to do. A leader speaks with people and elaborates options to optimize performance. Once conversations are approached from a personable perspective, colleagues and teammates will feel more open to expressing their unique thoughts. This makes for a thriving work environment where everyone should feel as if their voices are heard.