It is no secret that the expectations of the workplace are constantly changing. As the world continues to advance, employers keep requiring more and more of their employees. The same goes for leadership. There are many essential leadership skills that employers want to see in their future employees.


This skill is essential for anyone entering the workforce. An effective leader recognizes that in order to successfully lead others, they have to start by leading themselves. For a lot of leaders, this looks like a half-hour a week where they are exclusively focused on their own self-development. By giving this time to themselves, they are able to better give to others on the team.

Team Development

Another essential skill of successful leaders is the ability to develop a team’s skills. This encompasses all of the team’s skills including professional relationships and technical skills. Team development may look like having a designated check-in time with each team member where the team member is able to talk transparently about how they are feeling and what is working and what is not with regards to current projects. This will help employees feel valued at their current job and discourage them from looking for other jobs. It is important to note that professional development does not have to take place in a classroom. You can offer self-paced videos, individualized check-ins, or fun projects to help develop the team.

Strategic Thinking

All great leaders have the ability to think strategically. This means calculating risks and rewards and assessing both options before making a decision. Additionally, the strategic leader will take input from the team before making a decision. This critical step ensures that the leader has all of the information that they need and makes the team feel valued in the process.

Ethical Practice

A successful leader has their own set of ethics and is aware of the company’s ethics. The successful leader is constantly reflecting on the ethics of all situations and how the actions of the team will reflect upon these ethics. Leaders should also inform the team of the importance of acting ethically in the business world. When everyone is on the same page, ethics are easier to follow.