Often, the leadership skills you need to scale the business are within your current team. The internal staff possesses more information about the growth of the company from milestone to milestone. Due to the institutional memory they hold, internal staff can be the differentiator for your business. How do you single out the right person to promote for a leadership position?

Past performance

You may find one who puts in extra effort to deliver a company’s objectives among your staff members. Going out of their way may mean that such staff member works harder and is more invested in the company’s overall wellbeing. Employees ripe for promotion are often easily noticeable based on their output.

Solutions-oriented personnel

During business, challenges are bound to happen. As a team moves through solving the problems, you might have noticed a team member that comes up with workable solutions quicker. Such staff members are rare to find and tend to be proactive in solving challenges in the company. Employees that are not open to being crafting solutions are not suitable for promotions.

Team players and support partners

As a business grows, so do its people. Different people have different personalities. As such, you need a team player who understands what team members are going through and offers a supportive role in helping them grow. When looking to promote internally, you should consider a team player who excels in interpersonal relationships.


A well-respected member of the team stands a better chance at leadership as they have already won the overall team’s hearts and minds. However, popularity does not mean team player. A team player accommodates divergent opinions and considers different approaches towards achieving a group goal. Such employees are ideal as they provide guidance and harmony in work. They are also competent team players.

Excellent stress managers

As the business grows, challenges arise with the execution of a business plan. Most times, employees buckle under pressure which results in lost time working on achieving the objective. As challenges will always exist, choosing a staff member that handles stress better for a leadership position ensures that the business processes are continual. An excellent stress manager can navigate highly challenging situations essentially and make for an ideal hire.