Leadership is something that you continue to learn over time. There is no one right way to lead, but there are certain qualities that every leader should possess in order to be efficient and successful. One of the priorities every leader should focus on is building trust with their team. This includes people in management and workers in every level of the company. When employees trust their boss, they are more likely to take their job seriously and try to do their best at all times. In addition, when leaders trust their team it alleviates stress from them and allows people more freedom to grow. Below we will take a look at some leadership tactics that build trust, as featured in an article on Fast Company.

Search for leadership examples outside of work

Leadership is demonstrated everywhere, not just in business. Of course, leading a sports team is different from leading an entire company; however, each position has motivation styles and techniques that can be incorporated into how you lead your company. Checking out different leadership styles can help you to find your own personal best way to lead that makes you feel most comfortable. This way you are not just putting on a show and you actually believe in what you say and do.

Take accountability first when something goes wrong.

One of the worst things you can do is consistently only blame your team when something doesn’t go the way you had hoped. This creates a huge divide between you and them, and makes everyone feel like they are being thrown under the bus. When you take accountability, you are showing your team that you are one of them and will stand by them no matter what, even when things are bad. Lead by example so that it teaches your team it is okay and safe to assume responsibility, instead of pointing figures at anyone and everyone else.

Let others make mistakes 

Allowing your team to feel comfortable making their own mistakes creates a sense of independence within them and encourages them to try new things and grow. This fosters trust between you and your employees because it lets them know you trust them to tackle different projects and challenges alone. You are much more likely to see innovation and progress from your team if you do not stifle them and hold their hand every step of the way.