Leadership Tips For First Time Managers _ Javier Betancourt Valle

If you are managing a team, it is imperative that you have a good hold on effective leadership. That doesn’t happen overnight though, so what are some tips to get off on the right foot when you are leading a team for the first time? Read on for some proven tips for new managers:

Set Clear Expectations

One of the most commonly given reasons for departing a job is “unclear expectations.” With unclear expectations come a high amount of turnover, which is not good for any business. For this reason and others, it’s imperative that new managers set clear expectations from the beginning. These expectations should include everything from attendance to job expectations. The more clear you are from the outset, the fewer problems you will encounter later. When employees understand what the expectations are, they are much less likely to break them.

Get your Hands Dirty

One of the best ways for a new manager to get off on the right foot is by getting their hands dirty. Not only will it help you to understand exactly what the job entails, it shows your employees that you care enough to be on the front lines with them. If you can understand what it’s fundamentally like to be on the front lines, you have unique perspective when making larger strategic decisions and communicating them to your team. In the first few weeks on your new job, make sure you take time to sit with your employees and see exactly what it is they are working on. Do your best to get in there and help them out too.

Be Decisive

Once you feel comfortable in your new management position, it’s time to set your vision and put steps in place to make it come to fruition. Why? People feel less unrest when they understand the bigger picture and can see where things are heading. Not only will being decisive put those worries to rest, it will show that you know what you want and how to get it. Your employees will respect you more when they see that you say something and stick to it.

It is not easy being a newly appointed management member. If you take certain steps at the beginning of your new role, you will set yourself up for success. These steps include: setting clear expectations, getting your hands dirty and being decisive.

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