Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners - Steven Lewis Weiner - Thrive Global

If you are a small business owner or any kind of leader in a small business, you will find that you are in a very interesting position. In large companies, the owner is often detached from the workers on the ground floor. These companies are just too big for them to be able to make a personal connection with everyone.

On the other hand, in small businesses, the owner can have a very personal connection with all of the workers. This is an incredible asset, which you can use to your advantage. Here are some leadership tips to follow if you are a small business owner.

Have Vision

As the owner of a small business you must have the foresight to know exactly where your company is going and how you will get there. By having a clear direction, coupled with the ability to know exactly what needs to be done, you will find that your employees will put great faith in you.

Lead By Example

Since you are more involved in the day-to-day operations of the company and your actions are seen directly by the employees, it’s important that you lead by example.

If you want your employees to work hard, then you need to work even harder, to set a good example. If you are sitting lazily in your office all day, how can you expect your workers to do any better?

Take Responsibility

Personal responsibility is another important aspect attached to being a small business owner. You cannot hide behind a management hierarchy, as you would be able to do in a large company. If you make a mistake as a small business owner, you need to be transparent about it, admitting your error and remedying it in a responsible and timely way.

By doing this, you will set a great example that will trickle down throughout your business.

Be A Mentor

Leaders of all types should strive to be great mentors as well. This is doubly true for small business owners, who can pass direct personal experience down to those wishing to acquire it. By mentoring your employees, you are showing them that you value them and are willing to invest in them. They will appreciate this and their hard work and dedication will improve your business down the road.