Karla Munden

Everyone in the office wants to use their leadership skills and abilities. But, how do you set yourself apart as a leader? Here are some great ways you can do this.


Start each new day with an open mind, and do your best to clear yourself of any negative thoughts. Every day is a unique chance for yourself and others around you. Give off good vibes and let others absorb them. A good attitude is essential for being a good worker. Do your best not to be a black hole of negativity. Bad feelings are contagious. If you’re having a bad day, keep to yourself as much as possible. People will be understanding.


Unfortunately, most people stop learning as soon as they graduate from university. They feel learning is just for college students. You can set yourself apart by expanding your knowledge constantly. Many people wait passively for their employer to give them some learning material. But you can take ownership. Learn something by reading a new management book or article from Harvard Business Review. You might want to take part in a mentorship program. A senior-level employee will coach you. Sometimes that might mean gentle nudging. But occasionally, they’ll give you structured goals and maybe even a helping hand. Office cultures are often challenging to navigate, and a mentor can be a great asset.


You already got this far. Once you’ve learned some of the ropes, make some moves. Be confident in your choices. Start speaking up at meetings and telling people about your ideas. Have projects assigned to you. A leader is not just a title. You should try to become the leader that others seek out for help.


Many leaders overwork themselves and burn out after a few months. You can avoid this by doing self-care. This includes not eating at your desk, taking a full lunch break, and getting physically active. Don’t feel pressured to be the last one to leave the office. The occasional late night is okay. If you’re leaving at 10 pm on Fridays every week, you might want to say something. Leave at five as much as you can. Use your vacation days. There’s nothing like being on a tropical beach during the winter.

Excellent performance often leads to promotions and recognition. Set yourself apart as a leader by following these tips.

This article was previously published on KarlaMunden.com.