Leading Life in Simple Terms

Our cell phones are always next to our pillows whenever we sleep and the first thing most of us do every morning is to check the screen. We are least bothered about the time but more concerned about the notifications and see if we have not missed out any messages, we are so addicted to knowing what is going on in our phones, that we forget to smile and appreciate the life which we receive every morning when we wake up.

In this very competitive world, we have forgotten the basic needs as a human being to survive is food, shelter & clothing however maintaining the status quo has become an integral part in our lifestyle. Driving a luxurious car, staying in a big house, servants to serve us and owning everything is our dreams & goals in life to achieve. 

People are so busy running to earn more money every single day that we have forgotten to appreciate the simpler things and the nature surrounding us. We have started to measure happiness with the things we can buy, too much ambition, desire & greed. Our phones are continuously buzzing, notifications on our screen grabs more of our attention than an actual person trying to connect with us face to face. 

In today’s world we have developed so many luxuries which are supposed to make our life easier. At times they may, but other times, they make things more complicated. We have become so used to materialistic demand that everyone forgot to lead a life in a simpler way. 

The beginning of the year 2020 has made all of us realize that the instinct of a human is only to survive in any unfavourable conditions. The goals, money, achievement, power which we are proud to showcase have taken a backseat and we only require food, clothing & shelter to survive. 

The earth is also a home to so many other living beings but due to the highest number of human populations we have been dominating and always abused nature to fulfil our wants. We did face some pandemics in the past but we have never learned our lessons and we finally discover a solution to cure the virus, we get back to our normal routine and lead the life how it was earlier.

Nature has always hit us back from time to time. However, one should not forget we should also focus on building a life on earth where it is less polluted, the skies are clear and accept a simpler lifestyle.

The best part of our Millennial generation is we are better educated, financially well being and have brought more radical and ethnic diversity to the society, so it’s our job to make the world a better place to live in for the future generations. Adopting a simpler lifestyle does not mean that we must go back to the past 50 years and lead the life the way it was. Protecting the environment should also be our top priority in every aspect of our life.

We expect every aspect in our life to happen fast since we are moving at a fast pace however this is because we have developed ourselves that every demand needs to be fulfilled fast. Because of this we deal with a very stressful life daily and life expectancy has also decreased significantly.

I see a world after this pandemic where we direct our energies to other kinds of activities like importance for our mental health, restore our lost connections and create more interrelated, cooperatives societies. We should be able to tackle issues that we have always been aware of but preferred to ignore.

The world is a nation and we should develop a more “glocal” outlook, one in which we think globally and act locally.