Social media has become a virtual community center that connects us all and is increasingly a part of our daily routines. The online networking landscape is a go-to resource for most to get their news, stream entertaining content, find sources to educate themselves on wide-ranging topics and communicate ideas and feelings with their circles. For some, it’s an integral part of their human connection experience. 

As the state of the world finds us sheltered in place and working from home, we’re spending a lot more time fixed on our screens. Increased use can create some unintended consequences. While social media isn’t inherently a negative space, it can promote adverse effects on one’s psyche. It can lead to a lack of motivation, perpetuate a comparison cycle, increase isolation, escalate sadness, or depression. That’s why it’s crucial to lead with positivity and use you or your brand’s reach to uplift and motivate. 

My name is Samuel Leach; I’m CEO and founder of the UK-based, Samuel & Co. Trading Company. Whilst still enrolled at university, I took my student bursary for schooling expenses and my passion for financial markets and parlayed it into a one-hundred and seventy-pound profit within a year. 

I came from humble beginnings, where I shared a one-room flat with my father and brother throughout my high school years. Driven by wanting to enrich the lives of my dedicated, hard-working parents and myself by providing monetary stability, I’ve since pursued a career in ForEx trading. I surpassed the personal mark of one-million-pounds by the age of twenty-five. Financial success does not assure one happiness, but it does offer resources to create comfort and peace to those closest to you. Additionally, with monetary means, one can positively impact the lives of strangers with philanthropic pursuits.

While I’ve set up free, accredited stock training courses and have established a charity, Overwatch, which protects our defenseless seas and marine life, I’ve found that there are other ways to uplift and help people through using my online channels. A significant social media reach, and a notable online presence is an opportunity to create mutually beneficial affirmations for you and your followers. 

My Instagram handle is at four-hundred and sixteen thousand plus followers, and my YouTube channel has over one-hundred and twenty-six thousand subscriptions at the time of writing this post. I’ve grown to understand the power of my platform is an impactful one. 

Not every post, live stream or video upload will make a call to create profound change, or address critical issues. However, every submission you make to the online discourse must have a message rooted in positive or inspiring themes. On my YouTube channel, we’ve recently launched the second installment of my show “Real Forex Series 2: Creating Successful Traders”.  On the programme, I give everyday people, with no stock trading experience, the tools to push themselves and their mindsets into becoming profitable traders. 

While the reality competition show is rife with compelling storylines and entertaining events, my goal was to create content in my area of expertise to help people. The aim is for the viewer and competitor alike to use my teachings and increase their access to financial resources. 

Whatever your professional lane, personal interests, or niche market you operate in, you can use the steps below to lead your online march with positivity. 

Lead with honesty and vulnerability. When engaging with your audience, if you are forthcoming with goals, hopes, and fears, you will disarm the virtual crowds with your candor. You don’t have to share things of intimate degrees if you’re not comfortable, but the more of your truth you share will garner you the trust of your base. 

Abandon negativity. Sharing negative ideas or thoughts breeds cynicism and antagonistic responses and reactions. Abstaining from harsh judgments or criticism spurned by frustration with your online actions, itself is an act of positiveness. 

Follow more accounts that inspire you. Seek out the stories of affirmation, or inspirational images that connect with you and infuse your feed with handles that regularly post similar content. Mindfully or not, when you habitually scroll through enlightening social media dispatches, you will, in turn, be imbued to post the same. 

Don’t shy away from sharing setbacks and failures. The strength of an entrepreneur lies in their ability to recognize their missteps, then learn and grow from the experience. The era of “the infallible boss” is waning; people respond better to those willing to admit when an obstacle momentarily gets the better of them.  The same is valid for social media accounts. 

Post the inspirational words, works, and videos of others.  Promoting the moving content of philosophers, leaders, and everyday heroes has a ripple effect. Sharing is innately infectious. If your subscribers see you selflessly posting motivating messages, they’ll return the favor and look towards your page when in need of a pickup.

Be authentic and bold. Just as in business, the most successful leaders have an edge that differentiates them from the pack; the same is true of your internet persona.  Be dynamic but grounded. Be ambitious but considerate. Be the person you are in business, in social media. 

There’s a lot of noise on social media, amplify your signal consistently with positivity, and in a given moment, you can be a siren song of hope for someone who needs to hear it. 

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