Easy is not precisely the word that comes into the minds of most when they hear of the word success. And with good reason. If there is anything the world has taught us, it’s that it takes a little more than dreaming to achieve real success in life. Otherwise, the 7 billion people on earth would be where they want to be.

Between negativity, financial illiteracy, laziness, and the fear of the uncertain, a lot can be said of the challenges that hold so many people back from taking the necessary steps needed to oversee their achievements. How then do you expect success not to be a difficult thing to reach if the average person views these challenges as barriers that are impossible to overcome?

Here’s a famous quote to remember even as you embark on this life-defining mission of going after what you want- “If you only do the easy things in life, life will be hard, but if you do the hard things in life, life will be easy.” You know who else shares in this piece of philosophy- Brian Cunningham- founder of Cunningham Venture Group Consulting Company.

Having gone through and walked over the obstacles of success, Brian Cunningham has partnered in and pioneered multiple businesses, practiced professional sports, and traveled around the globe in pursuit of a vision. Put simply, he has walked the mile of success and has experienced what there is to gain from chasing after the life that he wanted for himself.

What fascinated him most is seeing what people have the capacity to accomplish if they are led in the right direction and provided with the suitable conditions for success. To his fascination, Cunningham discovered the many ways he could use what he knows to reproduce his success on others. He started to study and analyze enterprises, and before long, he was solving problems and conducting operations for them.

Brian Cunningham would build a team of success coaches, ambassadors, and influencers, all with whom he founded the CVG consulting company with the primary aim of mentoring, success coaching, and providing consulting services to those who wish to realize their dreams.

The Impact of The CVG Consulting Company on the Success of Others.

Do not underestimate the lengths that a well-deployed mentorship and coaching programme will go in achieving the right results for everyone. Everyone meaning anyone that has set their minds to accomplishing a particular goal be it in sports, business, music, acting, even politics.

The digital era, as many eloquently like to put it, has opened us up to extensive information, maybe even more than our minds can process. The screen, in particular, has become a way of showcasing the success of others and on a large scale.

Hardly two hours can go by before that musician that you love to listen to or the CEO of that company you’re so fond of, gets brought up on TV. Maybe you’ve watched the professional and authentic way that a particular sports star performs and thought to yourself how effortlessly he does things. Well, the screen will get you thinking that way because what the screen doesn’t show you is the journey that all these success prototypes have had to travel to get where they are today. That is where the CVG consulting Co comes in.

How does it work?

Brian Cunningham works with protégés as a catalyst for their success. By putting to use a set of skills and with the help of his team, they observe technicalities and help to draw answers to issues from within the person in question. Cunningham also provides reflections on his background, good and bad, and shares these to assist benefit performance. Much literally, this translates into coaching and mentoring. Although not similar, the two responsibilities are intertwined.

Cunningham’s consulting company derives its joy from being able to watch its input work on its mentees over time.

Who it has impacted

Success coaching and mentoring have proved beneficial in all types of situations. As stated earlier, every success story has a mentor behind it. Sure, some people’s natural abilities are stronger than others. All the more reason to seek guidance. Even the most talented need mentors and coaches to develop their skills to perfection.

 Serena Williams could not be the wonderful inspiration that she is today had she not partnered with renown personal development experts such as Tony Robbins.

CVG has worked with professionals in the formal and informal sector, watching, observing, and helping charges to develop themselves, not by giving commands to them but by cheering them to evaluate their ways and improve for themselves. This is what transforms them from being good to being great. Playing the Piano, and being a pianist.

That being said, let us now briefly look at the value that CVG has added to individuals and organizations in their particular settings. Let’s evaluate:

The impact on its students

On Individuals

  • CVG has brought out the best in its mentees by improving their development, productivity, and overall performance.
  • Coaching and mentoring has resulted in high self-discovery rates leading to a better sense of understanding for relationships and an improved quality of life.
  • Mentees acquire skills that they can use for a lifetime and pass on to assist others.

On Organizations

  • Success coaching and mentoring for employees has made them more responsible for devising their solutions rather than relying on their managers.
  • Employees have increased their levels of creativity with no fear whatsoever of sharing their thoughts or ideas.
  • Coaching has brought out hidden abilities and resources within protégés contributing to their motivation to apply themselves to their full potential.
  • Opens the doors to a high-performing culture.
  • CVG has also coached and mentored businesses into better dealing with organizational change.
  • It has sprung up a new breed of leaders, those that use coaching, mentoring, and directive as their approach.

In conclusion, The Cunningham Venture Group Consulting Company has positioned itself as a significant player in the success niche and continues to positively affect the decisions of many that are in pursuit of a higher calling. All these protégés from different works of life now have someone they can direct their fingers at when asked to point to people who’ve had a substantial impact on their lives. 


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