Dalton Patterson also known as DPatt is an athlete from New Orleans, Louisiana who played college football at Western Kentucky. In this article, we will learn some success principles Dalton has used over the years and how he has been able to overcome the stress of being an entrepreneur.

Achieving Success

Achieving success is one thing that has escaped the grasp of so many individuals today. Well, to achieve success, one has to go through a series of processes and steps. This is what most individuals fail to do. In Dalton’s opinion achieving success boils down to implementing certain habits. These habits will guide you along your path to success


Some of these habits include: hanging around friends that elevate your mood and thought patterns, engaging in brainstorming sessions, and testing out different strategies instead of crying over the ones that failed.

Another thing to have is a good source of motivation, Dalton’s source of motivation is his family. He shares that he has to pave a way for his brothers and sister to ensure they have a bright future.

Here are some words of advice from Dalton to anyone who’s just starting in life;

“Never give up on what you really wanna do in life there is space and enough money for everyone out there. Do you want to be average your whole life or do you wanna live like a king or queen?”

Avoiding Stress

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. This definitely can be good for someone who’s striving to attain success. So how does Dalton avoid stress?

Dalton engages in physical activities such as playing sports and working out, these have been known to increase blood flow and reduce the amount of stress one is feeling. Apart from this, Dalton also hangs out with his friends whenever he is feeling stressed. During this time, he either plays video games with them or just talks about life happenings. Anything that will take his mind off work


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