Luke Lintz is the founder of HighKey, an innovative tech firm that has helped dozens of businesses in achieving and building better brands.

In this article, we uncover the virtues and principles that Luke has used to overcome the challenges and stress involved in entrepreneurship.

Avoiding Burnout 

Let’s face facts; burnout is something that can ruin your whole day and cause you to be unproductive. We often experience burnout when we subject our body to too much work.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, Luke recommends that you workout. You could engage in weight lifting, cross-fit, or cardio. Anything that gets you out of your everyday environment and puts you in an active state.

“When you exercise, endorphins are released in your body. Endorphins are able to reduce your perception of pain, trigger a positive feeling in your brain and so much more.” – Luke.

Another thing Luke recommends is meditation; meditation is an activity that relaxes the nerves and gives us time to reflect. Luke meditates at least a couple of times a week. He believes that mediation is about harnessing a central focus and being in the present moment. Both of these skill sets make improvements in every aspect of life, from performance at work to being more present with your family. 

Dominating Your Day

It’s said that the activities you do at the start of your day can significantly affect how the rest of the day goes.

Recently, Luke implemented a technique where he dedicated the first two hours after he wakes up and the last hour before he goes to bed for self-development. During this period, he plans his week, reviews his goals, meditates, and rests.  

This helps him have more flexibility with his schedule and feel much better, knowing that he has time set aside to develop himself every day.

Motivation And A Word Of Advice

Luke stays motivated by continually setting goals for himself. He sets daily, monthly, and 10-year goals and reviews them all the time. His Ten-year goal is to buy a private jet on his 30th birthday!

“I always review my goals as a way of reverse engineering my smaller goals.” – Luke. 

This technique ensures that he’s on the right track. This is how he plans to grow and succeed in the coming years. He also plans to open a real estate company within the next three years, as well as a software company within a couple of years afterwards.

Here’s a word of advice from Luke for anyone just starting their journey in life;

“Try as many things as possible, and once you find something that you like, become a specialist. If you are a person of value, people will look for you.” 


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