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Breaking up with your significant other can be really depressing. Some people see it as their whole world’s crumbling down. Others are more stoic about it and are not really affected by it. But the bottom line is that breakups suck and that there is no easy way about it. Sometimes it takes a few days and sometimes it takes a week… or a month.

Some people unfortunately never get over the girl or the guy that they loved. The process is much harder for the people who are more emotional about. That is not to say that people who do not obsess too much about a breakup are emotionless. Let’s say that they just have a tougher skin than others.

The bottom line is that all people go through bad patch after a breakup and everybody copes with it in a different way. Nevertheless, there are some things that can help you get over it quicker. Here is some useful advice when it comes to getting over a breakup.

Support From Others

In order to let go of your ex-significant other, you need to get back to the real world. Sometimes realizing that the world you are going back to exists without the person you have loved so much can be tragic to perceive. But you have to fight it and accept it.

The best way to cope with this is to have support from somebody and the best support are your friends. The closer you are to other people the easier is going to be to forget about a breakup.

Many psychologists agree that this phenomenon is has a remedial effect and that allows you to get over somebody faster. In some situations, it even leads to a new romantic adventure which can result in a much better relationship than the one you have lost.

Either way, make sure that you are not alone and that you spend as much as time with somebody who can give you support.

Cut All Ties

There are a lot of cases that a breakup may lead to a relapse. Most people view their relationship like a kind of addiction and have problems getting out of it. Once they do get out of it they also have a tendency to get back to it, even if they know that it will not lead to anything good.

The best way is that you cut ties with your ex. Just do not look at their pictures nor try to use social media and stock them. Sometimes a little push is what a person needs to try and get back with a person that they broke up and seeing them may be that little push that they need. Removing that person from your life completely is what works best.

Alternatively, if you are having seconds thoughts or if you realized that you made a grave mistake by breaking things off, there are certain things that you should not do. One thing that men usually like doing is sending flowers in order to apologize.

Unfortunately, Charlotte Gardner from says that you should absolutely not do this! Sending flowers is not a way to get back with your ex. On the other hand, delivering them by yourself may have a much potent effect. It might sound like a cheesy line from a movie script, but it definitely works.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is probably the healthiest way to get over somebody, quite literally. It has been proven that doing exercise makes us happy. This is due to our bodies releasing endorphins, or the happiness hormone as it is called, while we exercise.

Dr. Phillips of the University of Dakota claims that doing exercises makes us happy in two ways. Firstly, because of the already mentioned hormone which does affect us in a positive way. Secondly, as we work out we do look better and being happy with the way we look may also make us happy mentally.

So if you are feeling bad about a breakup just go to a gym or start jogging. You will forget about that person in an instant. And you as you start feeling better about the way you look you will gain confidence and may meet somebody new quicker.

Date New People

Many people agree that out with the old and in with the new is the best way to get over something. It might be superficial to say that about human beings or a relationship that you used to have with somebody that meant to you so much. But the fact still remains that you will feel a lot better a lot quicker if you meet somebody new.

This does not mean that you have to go to town and start dating the first person you meet. You have to do it in a healthy and natural way and put yourself out there.

Who knows, maybe your true love is just lingering around the corner and is waiting there for you. You just have to muster up the courage to move on to other people in order to forget about the last one.

Find Other Fun Activities to Do

In order to get over somebody, you have to forget about them. And what better way to do that than to find activities that will get your mind off of them. Simply find activities that make you happy and fill your life and your free time with them. You will be quite surprised by how amazing it works.

If you are not sure what activities to try the best way is to get back to things that you already did before the relationship. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can try and start learning new things. Whatever you choose the main point is that it gets to be fun and entertaining.

You don’t have to go all the way and choose something harmful. It can be as simple as watching comedies. FInd something that you good at and what you enjoy. It will ease your mind and soon you will be asking “What breakup?”