Did you know that learning your music craft from the world’s best musicians can help you hugely discover your potentials as an artist? Musicians of great expertise have the industry’s know-how, from tricks to tips to scale your career. They have learned through training programs and real life experience; they have tried different methods and therefore know what works and what doesn’t. They have gone through trials and errors and have perfected their skills through their experience. Learning from them can help fasten your success and to avoid the most common risks. It is like a shortcut to win as you can avoid the failures that cause you to lose in the industry. One best piano player and gospel musician Alain Merville, took it upon himself to help artists of all levels grow. 

Who Alain Merville is

Alain is an immigrant from Haiti who moved to the US at the age of 7. He started playing the piano in gigs in New York at the age of 15, after taking a one-year of piano lessons. Alain perfected his skills at Berklee College of Music in Boston, taking up roles such as Music Director for artists. He has grown to teach music in the same college. He also formed a live music entertainment company, Nate Bash Band, which he later sold to a larger company in the same industry. 

He is the founder of YousicPlay, a company that runs online training for artists and aspiring musicians worldwide to nurture their talent. Additionally, the platform allows artists to connect with the world’s most excellent musicians, where they could learn from them or even collaborate on a music project. Alain also brings a wide range of experience in the music field to his work as an artist, manager, and cultivator of young talent.

How You Can Discover the Music in You 

You might be aware of you being an artist, but you could discover much more in an interactive session with experienced artists. Here is how you can find the music or talent in you through the best musicians.

  1. Through Criticism/Feedback

It is an exciting feeling working with legends in your industry. You can listen to feedback or positive criticism and make changes where necessary. You can also express more of what you can offer to receive recommendations on what to improve.

In the creative process, you can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses as you measure your competencies. The experienced musicians will compliment you for your potencies and help you identify the weaklings. They will also help you shape various things. It is through their help that you can become your best version. 

  1. When exploring different skills

Different creatives have different skills, and working with a variety will help you tap numerous ideas. It exposes you to different genres and cultures. You can also challenge yourself to try their different genres and identify those that will favor you. You can watch them perform and borrow some of their ideas. You need to work on the different sounds or genres of music that you best produce. You could fit in different sounds to come up with something incredible. It is through that challenge that you can unravel your various potentials in music.

  1. When making the collaboration worth it

Another way to discover the music in you is while in the creative process. You will strive to bring the best of you to please the established musician. Also, you will want your value to have recognition for the possibility of future gigs and recommendations. You will want to leave a lasting impact on the artist and the celebrity’s network or fanbase. 

The partnership drives you to beat deadlines and to outperform. It is in this process that you can discover much more that you could offer in your music. It could be producing your songs, playing musical instruments like piano, guitar, keyboard, or a combination of instrumental sounds.


You don’t have to worry about meeting with the various stars in your industry as the internet is here to help. Online collaborations are even the best as it is time and cost-effective. And YousicPlay is one of the platforms to help you with that. Reach out to them through Instagram, Twitter, or their community text number.