Can you learn to forgive yourself?

This video below might be one of the most important things we’ve published on SurvivorNet. One of the most important we may ever publish. Dr. William S. Breitbart, Chief of the Psychiatry Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is an amazing voice on the psychological aspects of cancer. As Dr. Breitbart says, learning to forgive yourself is one of the great lessons, and sometimes the last great lesson, you can ever learn in life.

“One gets angry because one hasn’t quite achieved the tasks that they’ve set out for their lives,” Dr. Breitbart says. “…ultimately, Viktor Frankl said ‘the task of the last part of your life is relieving your existential guilt,’ and the last resort of relieving existential guilt is being able to forgive yourself for just being a human being.”

Dr. William Breitbart, Memorial Sloan Ketting Cancer Center

Originally published on SurvivorNet.