Our instincts of compassion and aggressiveness always compete against each other. In most cases, our empathy and kindness win over our cruelty.

We overrate bad things and underrate good things. When we read about the outbreaks of violence, killings, rapes and many other ruthless acts in our news feed. Once in a while, we lose hopes. We start to believe that the world is full of evils. We complain the morality and human values have gone. We feel that the world is corrupted and the society is decadent. We conclude that human is self-centered and selfish.

We even complain about our relationship and love. We don’t feel safe in our relationship.

Are we so bad? I don’t think so. If we were not compassionate we would not survive. We survive because of we kind, helpful and have the natural instinct of empathy.

It is true that we often encounter people who are angry, deceitful, selfish, greedy and selfish. We more often encounter people who are caring, kind, compassionate and incredibly generous. Our goodness always prevails over our badness.

I also had a very negative attitude toward people in general

I had an adverse childhood. I was bullied as a child by other kids. I was weak and isolated. But they did not show me any empathy. They enjoyed torturing me. My only “crime” was my appearance that was different from others. They punished me for that.

At that time I thought, there was no love and compassion in the world.
People who have suffered like me may think humans are cruel and selfish.

But there is another side of the coin. I was knocked down on my knees but I could stand up. Compassionate people helped me to get over my childhood trauma.

I was suffering from social anxiety. My colleagues supported and helped me to be a part of their team.

A wonderful woman loved me the way I am; she supported me all the way through.

I have three sweet kids who wait for me when I come home from work. They jump on me and hug me as soon as I step in the door. I feel then divine pleasure.

There are some terrible people in the world, but the number of good people outnumbers them. Everyone is selfish and arrogant up to some extent, but kindness and empathy exceed selfishness.

Nowadays, we often portray other people as jealous, cruel and self-centered. We do this when we are frustrated. When we cannot reach our goals, we blame others.

Envy is our natural emotion. Empathy also is a natural emotion. Our positive emotions like compassion and kindness defeat negative emotions like brutality and selfishness.

Our love always wins over our hatred.

We would not have survived without compassion and humanity.
Scientists say the compassion is the best quality of humanity that has made us possible to be the fittest spies.

Our negative emotions are always overrated. If there is a case of killing, every media covers it.
Every day, we save countless people, but that news does not get the place in the media.

Psychologists find that compassion is our first impulse. We feel to protect others than ourselves when we are in the pressing situation.

Some school children were trapped in caves in Thailand. People save children risking their own lives.

Many human-like species roamed the landscape for millions of years. But they became extinct. They had intelligence but not compassion. We, humans, have survived because we have both intelligence and compassion.

The problem is, we rush into the wrong conclusion when something terrible happens. We start saying, “all people are cruel, they only think about their benefits, think just about themselves” That is not entirely true. People from far distant save hungry people in Africa. We give shelter to displaced people whom we don’t know.

There is no reason for despair. Humans have human value. They helped others in the past. Now they are doing even more. That’s why we are prospering more in this century.

If we could measure our emotions, we could see love, affection, and devotion are more weighty than envy, anger, and hatred.


  • A Danish business consultant and free-lance writer both in Danish and English. I also write here: Obaidul Karim Khan – Medium (https://medium.com/@karimkhanobaidul) and Obaidul Karim Khan, (https://community.thriveglobal.com/authors/6596-obaidul-karim-khan) Thrive Global. **I would be happy to contribute articles to your blog.**