Pigeons are unwanted guests to your house, roof, balcony, and garden. Though they don’t attack humans, you shouldn’t encourage their visits. Pigeons can be very harmful to you and your family. 

It’s better to stay safe and away from them as much as possible. Don’t encourage kids and elderly people to go near pigeons. Though they are relatively peaceful, they can attack anytime. Let’s take a look at how pigeons can affect your health and house!

Carrier of Disease

Not many people know that Pigeon droppings can be extremely harmful to humans. Make sure that there are no pigeon droppings at your home. These droppings can cause serious chest pains, Histoplasmosis, and fever in humans. Please contact a UK-based pest control company now for Pigeon Guana Removal. You have to make your house fully cleared from these droppings to avoid falling sick. 

Creates Disturbances

Pigeons are noisy creatures. They can make noisy sounds for hours. If you run a small shop attached to your house; these sounds can harm your business as well. Customers will never purchase any goods from a shop where pigeons make loud sounds. They can seriously spoil your sleep after a hard day’s work. 

Can Damage Your Roof

Nobody should underestimate the power of pigeons. They can seriously damage your property. They can build nest anytime and anywhere on the roof, which can seriously make your house look outdated. It will also remove the aesthetic beauty of your house. 

A threat of Fire Hazard

Did you know pigeons can cause fire hazard at your house? Pigeons build nests using highly inflammable stuff like dried leaves, grass and other materials. If the nest is built near an electrical switch, meter, machine room—a minor mistake can cause a huge fire hazard. Call a pest control firm to shoo away pigeons out of your house. 

Allergic Reaction

You or your loved one may be allergic to bird or pigeon. You may never know how a pigeon feather or poop can make any of you sick. Some people are so much allergic to birds that they end up in the hospital room. You don’t want your loved ones to go through that problem. So, without any delay, you must try to get your house secured from pigeons. 

Pigeon Attack

Pigeons are mostly harmless. But they become overprotective when they hatch eggs. So, if any pigeons have hatched eggs in recent time anywhere in your house, then they are likely to behave ferociously towards humans. Out of fear and insecurity, they can attack any of you if they are not in the right mood. It’s not safe to have a pigeon in your house at any time of the year.

The Conclusion 

Pigeons can badly affect the beauty of your house and overall lifestyle. Don’t let them occupy any portion of your house. Should you notice any area being captured by them, you must give it a serious thought. They need to be removed then and there. 

Moreover, pigeon droppings can seriously affect your health and respiratory system. They can cause serious health-related problems in people. In some cases, adverse allergic reactions due to pigeon bites or droppings often created serious health-related problems. As far as possible, keep your house away from birds and pest.