Although Melrose (@melrosemichaels) originally got her start in the adult industry from behind a webcam, she feels like an outsider to that world now. “I made the move to premium snapchat in the middle of 2019 when I started to see a shift taking place in the industry. Traffic online on my camsite seemed to be drastically reducing, so I had to ask myself where they were all going. It didn’t take me long to realize that our society’s attention had shifted away from desktop computers and instead become fixated on screens inside our pockets. So, my next challenge was to figure out how to get into people’s pants… Haha I mean pockets! When I came across the premium snapchat scene, I was confident that was the right direction to go in.” The first company Melrose worked with on premium snapchat was not what she expected. The way they ran their business consisted of providing a persona to you that you had to use instead of performing premium snapchat shows under your own personal brand. Melrose stayed with that company for about 6 months before deciding it was more important to build her own personal brand then to allow them to use her image to build theirs. 

“I began working with Fancentro. Fancentro let me keep a larger percentage of my earnings and gave me complete creative control over my brand and my business. They really made me feel supported and valued as a model. I was able to build my business pretty quickly once I began working alongside them. I hadn’t attended any industry events in over 5 years but with my success on Fancentro I decided to attend their ‘House of Fancentro’ event that coincided with XBIZ and CAMCON in Miami. That’s when I got to meet a lot of people working internally for the company, and I was not disappointed.” The atmosphere for Melrose was super welcoming, and the overall experience was the best ‘welcome back’ event I could’ve asked for. 

“As for the ‘whore’ thing, this can be easily debunked. I have slept with less than I can count on one hand. Most of my high school alumni who are reading quietly, you’ve slept with more than that in the four years before our high school graduation.”

“So, the ultimate reason I did it. It looked like fun, I wanted to see how much I could make, and if I’m being completely honest, I’ve just always been in love with being sexy. I grew up stealing my brother’s maxim magazines so I could admire how beautiful the girls inside were. Being attractive was a very large priority for me, from as young as I could remember. That alone is completely and totally fucked up, I know, believe me. I could write an entire book on the way women are brainwashed by societal standards to be pretty and quiet etc. But I’ll spare you. For now. Maybe I associated attractiveness with worthiness to be loved? I’m not sure. I think a lot of women do. I just always knew I wanted to be beautiful and wanted to model. This seemed like a great way to kill two birds with one stone.”