Sometime in 1700’s one rider saw a group of people trying to heave a big piece of wood to a platform. The people were trying really hard and the leader was after them to finish off the job. He was repeatedly told by his people to lend his hands for help. The rider told the the leader why don’t you help them? This is not my job was the quick response. The rider dismounted the horse and helped them to finish the job. The rider was none other than the USA’s first president George Washington. Unknowingly he created a great example of leadership. 

 The core of leadership is setting aside one’s personal interest to achieve the organization, community or for that matter goals of your family. Take the example of Ralph Smedley, founder of Toastmasters Internationals. For those, who do not know, it’s an educational non -profit operates globally promoting public speaking and leadership skills. He could have easily ignored the challenges faced by his community as they struggled with public speaking. However, he did not. He took the initiative to create a format where everyone can practice public speaking in a friendly environment. And looks how his one thought transformed so many people for almost 100 years.

It’s important to help your team, but it’s also critical not to overdo it. You need to control the pleasure you get by helping others, for others to improve their skills.

One day a man was passing through a wood and noticed a cocoon. A butterfly was trying to come out from the tiny whole of that cocoon. It was struggling hard. The man left the scene and come back after 10 was still pushing hard to come out. He felt terrible to see that. He took a scissor and slowly went to the cocoon and cut it to release the butterfly. To his dismay he noticed the wings were not properly developed. The reason being as the butterfly was trying hard to come out, fluids from its body were passing to its wings to make it grow. This sudden break stopped its proper growth. Similarly, when you feel your team needs help, don’t just help them blindly. Ask them questions, try to draw the answers out of them, make them think. That’s how you will help them to flourish. Remember this quote:

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. John Maxwell

Hence, ask yourself if you are that leader who set aside your selfishness to work for the higher causes in life.