Motivated and dedicated. These two words are what best describe Colombian hip-hop artist Game Over. Born in Queens, New York, and raised in North Bergen, New Jersey,  Game Over has been in the music industry for a decade since he began in 2008. 

From his local talent of rhymes, Game Over has taken it to the next level by producing music whose genre ranges from hip-hop to drill music. And throughout his career, Game Over remains consistent in terms of quality and how often he puts out songs for his audience to enjoy. 

Peace Against Stress 

As a committed hip-hop artist isn’t always easy since there are a lot of factors that could lead to stress. But luckily, Game Over has found a way to deal with this: by being at peace within and taking care of himself. 

“I avoid it by learning to have peace within myself and understand every day is gonna be obstacles. I try to get proper sleep and eat as properly as I can to have a productive day,” he said.

By being at peace with himself and that stress inevitable, the hip-hop artist manages to keep a clear mind which helps him solve any obstacles that he encounters along the way to the top. 

“I overcome my obstacles by making my goals for the day. I know if I knock out the small goals day by day, I [can] accomplish the big goal for the week,” Game Over said. 

Three Words of Advice 

For those who want to follow in Game Over’s footsteps, he offers words pieces of advice: never make excuses. 

This is because aspiring artists who want to make it to the top need to respect the hustle and work their way to achieving their dreams without making up any excuses to get out of it. 

Game Over himself never makes excuses in his career as he strives for quality and consistency in his music. And even though he has been in the hip-hop industry for a decade, he still finds ways to grow and learn about the business to make sure that he reaches great heights of success and will make a huge mark in hip-hop history.

In 2021, Game Over is coming full steam ahead, prepared with plenty of singles that he plans to release to the public when the time comes. 

He is  also working on other projects such as “The Hoolie Mixtape,” a crossover reggaeton collaboration EP, and continuously providing the world with spectacular videos month after month among many other endeavors. 

For more information, visit Game Over’s account on Instagram or listen to his songs on Spotify