Loving yourself is one of the most difficult relationships you can embark on.  Yet, learning to love who you are is the one way to make you stronger and happier. You’re more likely to put forth the effort to reach your goals when you appreciate your value.


You’re bound to feel more content because you’ll treat yourself with compassion and respect, and seek out others who will do the same.

When we decide we are worth loving, worth being respected and worth being treated with kindness and compassion we open the floodgates to people who will love us the way we are WORTHY of being loved.

Instead of making you selfish, loving yourself increases your capacity and willingness to serve others.  On the other hand, that kind of confidence can be difficult to conjure up if you’re used to self-criticism and doubts.

And let’s be honest… we ALL are our own worst critics!

Whether you’re wild about the face you see in the mirror or trying to become a little more accepting, maybe it’s time to look at your relationship with yourself.

Just like it says on the L’Oreal commercials…. You are worth it!



Try out these habits that are guaranteed to help you love yourself more.

Self-Love Habits for Daily Life

Self-love is a skill that grows stronger the more you practice. So, think of this as your “I love myself daily exercise”.

  1. Meditate daily. Self-love begins with self-knowledge. Sit down and explore your thoughts. Figure out what’s on your mind and sort out your feelings.
  2. Love your body. Appreciate your body. Be grateful if you’re free from any serious illness or disability. Be patient if you’re coping with chronic pain or other limitations. Remember that you are beautiful, no matter what your shape or size!
  3. Clean up your surroundings. It’s easier to feel good when your house is tidy. Break out the vacuum, put on some music and get tidy!
  4. Monitor your self-talk. Speak kindly to yourself. Use encouraging words.
  5. Clarify your purpose. Spend time thinking about your values and how to put them into action. Ask yourself what you want your legacy to look like.
  6. Live authentically. Forget about comparing yourself to others, as it is the first way to kill your spirit. Follow your own heart. Be brave in WHO YOU ARE!
  7. Play around. Lighten up. Laugh at yourself instead of feeling embarrassed. This is the best advice I can give you.  Take a break by tossing a ball around with your dog or watching a silly movie with your kids.

Self-Love Habits for Challenging Circumstances

I couldn’t be honest without adding this.  We all have those days where no matter how much we love ourselves, we still are hit by life and let it knock out our self esteem. Some events can shake your belief in yourself. Consider these methods for bouncing back from adversity…

  1. Forgive yourself. Make a new start. Pardon yourself for past mistakes and unfortunate choices. Focus on what you can learn so you’ll be more prepared the next time.
  2. Recover from heartbreak. The end of a relationship can be an especially hard blow to your ego. You may feel unattractive or wonder if life is passing you by. Take time to heal and identify what you’re really looking for. But, promise me you won’t beat yourself up for too long!  Wish your former partner well and move on towards a new love that is RIGHT for you.
  3. Deal with unemployment. Likewise, being out of work can make you feel unwanted. Until you find your next position, fill your time with volunteer work. Join a job club where you can exchange leads and support. Facebook is filled with amazing communities of women helping eachother in the job market!
  4. Seek counseling. Counseling is nothing to be ashamed of, and there are many affordable options online.  Childhood experiences may have turned into patterns that are holding you back from loving yourself. Consult a therapist for guidance in addressing such issues, and learning how to heal.

Generous helpings of self-love can transform your life. When you understand and cherish yourself, you can build strong relationships and rise to any challenge.