Learning to Roll With the Punches Sets You up To Have a Happier Life

We only get one life, and sometimes that life is not exactly as we expected. Like Steve Jobs said, “sometimes life will hit you in the head with a brick”. When this happens, you can either stay down or pick yourself back up in order to continue striving forward. When people go through bad times in their life they often seek others to console them, but everything you need in order to get through obstacles is inside of you, you just have to dig deeper. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing how to roll with the punches to live a better and happier life.

Accept things you can’t control

You will not be happy if you are trying to control every aspect of your life, because it is impossible to control every aspect of your life. There are things that are simply out of your control. Learning what these things are that are out of your control will benefit you greatly. For example, you cannot control other people’s emotions. If your child is sad, you can love them and support them, but you don’t have to let their sadness affect you. Roll with it and brush it off. This will make you a lot happier in the long run. You have to accept what you cannot control.

Learn to laugh it off

Laughter is the best medicine, isn’t that what they always say? Learning to laugh in tough situations really makes a difference. I was at home one night and saw a house mouse running across my kitchen. I was upset that a rodent was in my house and I was upset at my husband that he had not hired anyone to seal our house to make sure no animals got in. I could have yelled at my husband but instead I laughed it off. It was a very fixable situation so why get upset? My husband took care of it the next day and got people to come make sure our house was secure from any furry intruders.

Think on your feet

Learning how to roll with the punches comes along with thinking on your feet. If you can learn to think on your feet you can make any situation more bearable. With the whole mouse situation, I would have been even less stressed if I had thought on my feet to catch the mouse and get rid of the present problem. Quick thinkers know how to roll with it. If you are at work and go to eat your yogurt for lunch and realized you forgot a spoon… are you going to be upset? Quickly think and take the top of your yogurt and use it as a spoon. If you can master this skill, or even attempt to problem solve instead of sitting and groaning about your situation, you will be a happier person.

These are just a few tricks that may help you better learn how to roll with the punches and take on whatever life throws at you while keeping your happy attitude. If you don’t have anything, you still have the power over how you feel. No one wants to be upset all the time, everyone would rather be happy!


  • Kevin Gardner loves writing about technology and the impact it has on our day to day lives. When not writing, Kevin enjoys working out at the gym and hiking in the mountains. Follow his adventures on twitter.