At different times, it doesn’t matter how hard we try, because we cannot change things for those who insist on being limited by their negative attitude. Even if we can try, we soon find ourselves confused. They will only be able to convince themselves, any amount of flattery from us can simply block more and more in their stubborn pride.

That will bring none of us any benefit; what lies behind the negativity is something so profound as to equal the person’s stubbornness. The more stubborn the negativity, the deeper it becomes and the deeper the pain, with the possibility of finding oneself hiding worry, sadness, loneliness and fear. We tolerate the person with a negative attitude towards empathy and because it is wise to do so.

There is no benefit for them or us in drawing attention to what is bothering us, as it confuses them even more. There is probably a masked depression. Could we do worse by shaking off their inner rage?  It shouldn’t be.

Ours should be tolerant, and not just because it is right (it is respectful and dignified) but because it is necessary. People with a negative attitude give up much of the personal power they might otherwise have. But they can wear us down with their petty complaints from the First World.

We too need some relief or we become susceptible, especially those of us who (to the negative person) are annoyingly positive. Although, it’s not our fault that we are convinced that a life of gratitude and recognition is the most appropriate way to live. We were probably born that way.

In any case, it is best not to think about the negative things of people with negative attitudes mentioned here. The strong need to stay strong is necessary to help weak people with a negative attitude. The positive person must protect his or her strength by ensuring his or her peace and joy.

If our strength is strong, then the joy and peace remain within us and will remain there for a long time, when we distance ourselves from such people from time to time. If we are in an eventual relationship with the negative person, then it is our duty to give them our strength and grace.

Negative attitudes are often sustained by emotion without deep rationalization. Our negativity will not help them at all. Maintaining a positive attitude when others are trying to anger us is easier than we think, you just have to stand up to their attitude. If you have a goal or purpose in mind, it will help you, even more, to be positive and be able to live with negative people, which in the long run can help you change your attitude.

In this life you will meet both negative and positive people, but if you are a positive person you will eventually meet more people with your same attitude. But you will also have to learn to deal with people whose attitude is not positive.