If you’ve been following me over on Instagram (@charlotte_ferreux), you’ll know that I recently completed my certification in becoming a yoga instructor.  I’ve had a lot of people wondering if this new path means that my career will also be changing course. My answer? 

Kind of. 

Everything in my life connects; in my work, I really weave in all the pieces to my story, my certifications, my trainings and my experience. I truly believe that we don’t compartmentalize who we are; we aren’t one person in this life arena and a different person in another. Who we are in life is who we are in life. 

Leadership is a conscious journey that begins with self-mastery. You need to be able to understand yourself first in order to influence others in a positive way and as your highest self. In addition to the tactical, strategic, concrete training and coaching, I always include a very conscious, intentional component and yoga seemed to be a perfect fit. 

We shift from the inside out and a lot of my clients, especially those who have been working with me for a long time, are now also trying to figure out what their conscious journey looks like. I’m so excited to bring the tools and strategies that I am learning with my yoga certification to my coaching and my trainings.  Becoming a certified yogi was a very personal goal for me and I can honestly say that I felt called to do it. It was something that kept coming up for me and I knew that this needed to be a piece that I needed to add in; it wasn’t always the right timing, but I knew it was always there. And this time – the time just felt exactly right.

The cool thing about tuning into your own self-mastery and your own conscious journey is learning how to trust and listen to yourself and to the timing of the universe.

Trust in the fact that where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be. The Universe has a plan – be thankful for everything that’s gotten you to this place. The most important piece is when you know better you do better and you use each learning to grow. These situations give you the clarity as to what you want or, more importantly, don’t want in your life. And along the way, don’t forget that growth and any type of transformation doesn’t just happen in a straight line. You don’t just decide that you’re going to change and it’s this perfect system that starts to happen. It looks messy. It feels messy. Some days, you’re going to feel amazing and other days you’re going to feel like you’re going backwards. 

It’s not a linear process. And it’s not meant to be.  You’re meant to be tested all the time. If you are wondering why you are attracting the same scenarios all the time, it’s because you’re handed the same test over and over again until you actually move through it.  And then you’ll still be tested. But that next time, it’ll be easier to move through it.  Trust the process and remember that growth is not meant to be an easy, straight path.