Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

 Understandably, the idea of thinking, much less taking action, in anticipation of the legacy you leave behind after your death, feels morbid. Truthfully, it’s a beautiful acceptance and planning around this, will ensure your story is cherished and your wishes are carried out according to your planning. Recording your story will assist your loved ones in practical aspects, but it will also offer those left behind an emotional comfort because there’s such a strong sense of connection between the ones left behind as they fulfill the final wishes of a loved one that’s passed away. Some of the other benefits of recording your story include:  

1.Better funeral planning  

As we mentioned, leaving a legacy should include your explicit wishes on how you wish to have the proceedings to take place, following your death. This may include practical aspects, like specifying between a cremation or burial and how you wish the funeral to take place. It should also offer insights into your story, your beliefs, and comfort to those who will be grief-stricken.  

2. Offer a guideline for proceeding generations 

Recording your story serves as more than simply relaying your hopes and dreams. It gives you the chance to provide insight for future generations. As times change, a great-grandchild may have a fascination with the times in which you lived your life. Your story will serve as a beautiful reference with personal tales.  

3. As you record your story, you relive your life 

In therapy, we often hear about the therapeutic effects of simply telling your story. As you write your life experiences down, it gives you a chance to reflect on them and sculpt your story. It also gives you the chance to have your subjective say. Many people reading your story will, for the first time, see things from your side.  

4. Immortalise your life and your experiences 

We are all confronted by the fleeting nature of life. It seems we barely exist and when we’re gone, life simply continues like we were never even here. At the time of your passing, this reality will hit your loved ones with a cold and hardness that is consuming. Immortalise your life and your experiences in your story. Your insights, memories, thoughts, and dreams will offer a soft place of comfort to those you’re leaving behind. It also means your story lives on. Think of Ann Frank and her famous diary. Her story is immortal, despite her life being cut short so early and so crudely.  

5. It leaves a form of solid ground for those left behind 

We have mentioned the importance of leaving some sort of comfort behind for those who will be grieving your loss. Recording your story is the most heartfelt way to do that. It holds zero monetary value, but its sentimental value is beyond measure. Those who truly loved you, will treasure it above all else and refer to it frequently, at times to feel close to you, at times to understand situations.