The social media expert and content creator are first and foremost a businesswoman, having juggled several different kinds of jobs at one time. Here LeenaLove gives her five top tips on how to make your business a successful one.


LeenaLove believes the key to any kind of success is to learn everything you can about your business and your target audience and keep on educating yourself.

She suggests watching tutorials online if you haven’t got access to expensive coaches or classes, and take time to analyse other people’s content and accounts as this will also help.

LeenaLove also suggests reading any type of business book that you can get your hands on, even if it doesn’t directly apply to your sector, as you will always be able to apply it to your own business.

Learning is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes our bodies, information and continued learning nourish our minds. Lifelong learning is an indispensable tool for every career and organisation.

Be unique (ish)

No business is completely unique and the saying, ‘don’t try to reinvent the wheel’ directly applies to this. She says that this is what will help you to stand out from others in the same industry, even if it’s over-saturated.

LeenaLove suggests giving your content your own personal pop of style, and the key to doing that is to start by believing in yourself.

Really want it

Seeing is believing, and believing is achieving, something which LeenaLove says was crucial to keeping her on track when things got hard.

Keeping track of all of her successes, no matter how small, meant LeenaLove was able to track her journey forward, so even when things got tough she had the courage to stay on target.


Taking the time to thank people for their help, no matter how small, will never be seen as a bad thing, says LeenaLove.

People will always appreciate a kind word and acknowledgement of their contribution, cites LeenaLove and it will stand you in good stead if you need their help again in the future.

Stay motivated

This last point is one that LeenaLove thinks is vital to being successful and that’s to stay motivated. Even if something doesn’t work out, she says it’s vital not to give up and carry on – be proud that you tried.

She enthuses that letting go of negative energy and thoughts first thing in the morning will help you stay positive during the day. She even suggests getting a mantra that you can repeat to yourself in the mirror – her’s is: “you are the brand, you are the success and you will make it happen!”

To learn more about LeenaLove visit her Instagram, @leenalovepro.