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Quite often we hear people saying that they are either “left-brained” (being overly analytical and concrete) or “right-brained” (more abstract and creative or too dreamy), these traits have been circulating and attributed to the left brain or right brain type thinking. The influence of this concept might be due to the fact that humans are more inclined to categorizing everything- even people around us!

But are you ready for the mindset shift?

For decades, society has conditioned us time and again to favour one side of the brain or that we have a predominating side of the brain. You too must have spotted numerous infographics, television programs, books, moreover various online left and right brain tests which are supposedly meant to determine the category to which you belong or which type best describes you.

What if you can unlock both sides of your brain?

Luckily, you can!

The two sides of the brain look very much alike, but there is a huge difference in how they process information, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Despite their contrasting styles, the halves don’t work independently of each other.

Let’s take a look and gain more insights into which part of the brain controls what function. To simplify:

The left brain: The left side of the brain is associated with being more sequential, verbal, analytical, logical, practical, and more orderly than the right brain. Even the left and right brain tests that the internet is filled with are connected to these factors and how a person perceives a situation. The left side of the brain is better at things like reading and writing. 

Here are some common characteristics of left-brained thinkers:

  • Logic
  • Linear thinking
  • Language
  • Reasoning
  • Facts
  • Thinking in words

The right brain: As we read that the left side is associated with logic, linear thinking, and more about facts, whereas the right-brained people are said to be associated with creativity or their talents are more on the artistic side of things and therefore right-brained people try to gather information visually all at once. The right side of the brain is driven by imaginations, visuals, feelings, and beliefs.

The right-brain is better at:

  • Daydreaming
  • Emotional
  • Imagination
  • Arts or creativity
  • Holistic thinking
  • Intuition 

Take a look at your interest while following the listed traits above or when performing a left and right brain test to unveil how you think. If you enjoy going to the movies, listening to music, or think emotionally rather than logically, you use more of your right brain. On the other hand, if you enjoy math sudoku,Puzzles thank the left side of your brain.

Numerous books, magazines, and even when you conduct an online left and right brain test state the differences between the thinking might add how by following certain steps anyone can acquire the skills they lack.

So are we really right or left-brained?

The popularity persists of the idea of being a “right-brained” and “left-brained”. Unfortunately, many people are likely aware that the theory is outdated and researchers have demonstrated the right and left brain theory as a myth. In fact, the idea seems to have taken on the mind of its own popular culture and people have come up with left and right brain tests to be conducted online.

Note that, the researchers have demonstrated that we use all of our brains in processing the information – though people tend to display characteristics that are usually associated with different hemispheres of the brain. In reality, whether you are performing a logical or creative function is handled by both sides of the brain. It is just that one side of a person is more specialized for a certain type of action.

When we take on a certain task or left and right brain test, there is an interesting phenomenon that happens. As we have discussed above, each task is handled by both the sides of the brain but one side of our brain will take on the task even if it is not specialized for it, and our brain does not switch to the other side of the brain, even if the task is better suited to the other side. So, we could be completely missing out on entire regions of our brain or could be using a less suited side when functioning and thinking.

Here are some fun facts about our brain sides:

  • The right side of our brain is controlled by the left side of our brain
  • The left side of our brain is controlled by the right side of our brain
  • Most people are left-brained, even people who are left-handed writers
  • The left side of our brain controls speech, reading, writing, and math
  • The right side deals with spatial relationships and emotions

Let’s make it more interesting. Get ready with a pen and paper to try the widely popular left and right brain dominance test to reveal more about your personal preferences than about the sides of the brain, and are primarily useful for their entertainment value.

Left and Right Brain Dominance Test

Choose one sentence from the following that seems truer. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to this quiz.

  1. A. I like using old methods that are tried and true.

B. I like creating new methods.

  1. A. I like being organized and keeping everything in place.

B. I start in any order and I am a bit messy.

  1. A. I try to complete one project at a time.

B. I start everything at once and have a hard time finishing them.

  1. A. I research information and then organize tasks accordingly.

B. I work with my self-inspired ideas.

  1. A. In a situation, I am always occupied with new ideas.

B. I don’t have any new ideas.

  1. In terms of creative work:
  1. I follow directions.
  2. I like to build and make my creations.

So, if you end up having more ‘A’ responses than ‘B’, then you are a left-brain thinker. And if you have more ‘B’ responses, you are a right-brain thinker.

How can we unlock our brain or keep it active?

There are many exercises to improve the brain’s ability and strengthen the other side or achieving a balance between both sides of your brain. Let’s get a better understanding of how we can enhance our individual choices:

  • Try learning a new skill. It can be a language that interests you or any new musical instrument.
  • Play Brain games like crosswords or puzzles which will force your brain to think in as many different ways as possible.
  • Writing- it can be pretty much anything, including a blog post or a journal. As it will help you think analytically. 

Final Words

The secret to unlocking your brain is really no secret at all, it is just a matter of working with your subconscious mind. The more connections made between the two brain hemispheres, the better you’ll be able to tap into your mind and create what it is you desire, whether it is about becoming a better problem solver or innovator.

Not bad huh? A big picture, coordination, and a balanced neural system is something we should all strive for.

Just don’t let all this go to your head.