There are so many lessons to learn from the Corona virus but I am concerned they are being drowned out by the noise of political rhetoric and posturing. While this pandemic has unfolded at an accelerated rate with excruciating results, a great deal has been learned in our nation and in the world about how unprepared we are in the face of such an enormous disaster.  Change was eminent, it had to happen. Humanity was on a collision course with itself.  Like previous civilizations mankind had forgotten its place upon this earth. It has raped, pillaged, and became greed mongers, abused and slayed humans and animals. It is just the tipping point of a bigger disaster, this is the practice run for what is yet to come. One thing is certain; if humanity does not learn from the Corona virus, there will be a worse plague within ten years and one which will ravage not hundreds of thousands but millions of people.                   

The first lesson of this virus stems from the origins of this epic pandemic in Wuhan, China. Humans must stop torturing and eating animals that were never intended to be food. Dogs, cats, bats, snakes, squirrels, beavers, birds, elk, deer, rabbits, whales, dolphins and other exotic animals, being held in cages and bred inhumanely for food is unacceptable. Millions of dogs in China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Northern India are blow-torched alive, skinned alive and portions are sliced off of dogs like cheese, leaving them to bleed out, which often takes weeks. The blood curdling screams and wailing of dogs can be heard miles away. The horrific cruelty, the lack of any compassionate treatment is absolutely soulless and barbaric. Yet, it is allowed to continue and as of this writing Wuhan has reopened for business.

Millions in the Asian community are superstitious and believe that torture and fear tenderizes the meat of a dog while others simply enjoy the savagery of slaughtering innocent animals and watching them suffer.

Even in America, animals are treated abhorrently; pigs are held in crates where they stand day and night unable to lie down or turn around; food in abundance is forced down the throat of geese to produce foie gras and calves are ripped from their mothers to prevent them from drinking the profits provided by milk. Many times the calves are kept within visual distance of the mother, belaboring the heartache and sheer cruelty of being separated. In the case of SARS and COVID19 the Chinese were consuming snakes and bats widely known to be carriers of an infinite number of diseases. These practices have to stop even if it means humans being forced to become vegetarians.

The second lesson is, never elect a reality star as the leader of the free world even if cheating got him elected. In other words improve and guard the nation’s elections. Get rid of the Electoral College and go by the popular vote and end gerrymandering. Trump’s lack of experience, intentional posturing for popularity ratings and his inability to grasp a national crisis much less, how to deal with it, is nothing short of appalling. It is apparent that the false narratives on Fox and coming from the confused and uneducated White House has worsened and contributed to the death toll.

The third lesson is that humankind has become entirely too dependent on governments and other professionals to solve their problems. American’s in particular, rely too heavily on the medical system instead of healing their emotional dysfunction which is 99% of the reason for many sicknesses. It has become far too easy to run to doctors for the slightest cold. There was a time when chicken soup or the belief in it cured many of the more common ailments. Today, people look for and investigate the slightest headache on the internet, never considering if you wait 24 hours it will probably pass and never return.

Study quantum physics or just read some great books by Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Adyashanti, Louise Hay, Baird T. Spalding, Dr. Bruce Lipton or Dr. Joe Dispenza. There are innumerable books and great teachers that can help you raise your frequency and discipline your mind which in turns helps keep your body healthy. Seek to empower yourself through ancient wisdom, modern technology and common sense. Today’s society has become conditioned to look outside themselves for the answers instead of going within, getting still, meditating and evaluating the current emotional circumstances of their lives. Rarely do you hear of people self-assessing and seeking to understand what makes them react, over-react and become emotionally undone.  Stress is the culprit of more sickness than at any other time in history, yet few seek mindful solutions. Few take personal responsibility for generating the end result of their emotional unrest. There has never been a better time to discover how to keep your mind, body and spirit in balance.

The fourth lesson is common sense, teach it, learn it, live it. Common sense told me upon first hearing about the Corona virus in January, to buy a box of gloves and find the box of masks I had under my bathroom cabinet, leftover from the Colorado fires which devastated our community in 2012 and 2013. We were told for months, no need to wear a mask, those should only be used by the infected. Now, in April, we are told as a nation, that everyone should be wearing a mask. We were told many misleading things like, it was okay to attend church or rush to the market where throngs of people were scrapping for food. Now, most of the nation is on lockdown. Common sense should have told even the most inept of humans to stay home and avoid crowds. It was shocking enough that it took this virus to teach men they have to wash their hands especially after they use the restroom.

You are responsible for you, not the government or your family or spouse, not your children, not the system and not God. You have to look out for yourself, take care of yourself, and you need to learn how to heal yourself. Self-awareness is critical now more than ever. Be aware of your surroundings, your personal space, your emotions and what triggers you, your health and what keeps you sound. Balance is the key to well-being. Moderation is a component of balance and any extremes, whether it be emotions, substances like alcohol, medications, drugs or weed, can take you off your mark and contribute to illness or at the very least, weaken your immune system.

The fifth lesson of Corona virus is that we need each other, not in a dependent, suck the life force out of you kind of way, but in the, “we’re all in it together way.” Help each other but don’t expect people to do for you. Go out of your way to be nice, thoughtful, considerate, tender and kind. Stop bashing each other, stop looking for a fight, stop judging each other and learn how to get along. Lean on each other but master standing alone. Learning to be alone is essential in the scheme of things and many are just now learning how to like and enjoy their own company. It is liberating to say the least. But in the end, this virus is proving how essential touch, hugs and connecting with others is.  Help the earth and the environment but don’t expect others will. Pick up your trash; stop littering the oceans and landfills. Go green as best you can; plant trees, bushes and flowers for bees and other essential insects and birds. Xeriscape your yard and use less water. Stop polluting the air too. The planet and the animals are speaking volumes to a deaf and blind world. Time is running out and you are allowing all you’ve been given to be destroyed. Help the animals, preserve their habitat, the rain forests, the oceans, the plains, the wetlands, the mountains and the sky. Stop killing deer, snakes, fish, dolphin, whales, harp seals, elk, tigers, giraffe, elephants and other creatures that roamed long before you took up their space. Nature can take care of itself, stop trying to mitigate it. Love bigger; give more, not just of your money but of yourself. “Open your heart to the needs of others and yours too will be filled.” Look for opportunities to lend a hand, perform a kind act, to generate good karma. Work together for the good of all. Selfless is a skill worth developing.

There are so many other lessons to learn from this deadly disease but I think it fair to say, most are growing and evolving as best they can; some because they want to, others because this pandemic is forcing them to. You have to change, you have no choice, you will destroy yourselves and lay waste all living creation unless you learn to value all you’ve been given and nurture it. Spend less time on your phone more time in the garden of life.

Becoming self-sufficient and emotionally fit is the way to survival in the twenty-first century. Self-sufficiency includes learning to grow your own food, taking less and giving more. Find new ways to thrive in an uncertain world. Humans must learn to cultivate the essentials and forget the superfluous. Your very survival depends on it.

Ariaa Jaeger,
Spiritual Life Strategist