Inspired by Zayne Dalal of the Symphony Orchestra of India who was speaking about music, composing music and what that means. I was transliterating it in another language, that of innovation, entrepreneurship and what that means.

  • An innovator-entrepreneur needs to be 100 % an artist and 100% a structural engineer. You need both melody (design & communication of product/service) to move the emotions and a strong structural base (values/systems/processes) to hold the melody.
  • Innovation-Entrepreneurship should have this transporting energy, what it creates should exude a gut reaction to emotions. The person experiencing the product-service should not even be conscious of how they got transported from point A to point B of emotional experiencing, but it must happen subconsciously.
  • The skill of an Innovator-Entrepreneur lies in getting a crew together and balancing their freedom with her/his direction. Every crew member needs to own and feel the total freedom to play the score to her/his best potential, in her/his own unique way, with her/his full emotions and yet come together as one crew. The entrepreneur only needs to be present, to be on beat and to lead……the crew will check in from time to time to see if what they have played is right, what they are playing is right and if what they will play will be right.
  • Making mistakes for an innovator-entrepreneur is a must and making many of them. But she/he also needs to take time for concentrated practice…so that you practice till you can play with no mistakes.
  • The ideas always existed in the silence, were always there….it takes silence and an innovators-entrepreneur’s skill to give shape and form to these ideas, in a way that it touches human emotions.
  • Innovation-Entrepreneurship is sacred like transubstantiation…..People must trust in it and feel a real difference after experiencing your product or service. The art of innovation-entrepreneurship is a sacred one just like all art forms, so be true to it.
  • An innovator-entrepreneur has to be perfectly comfortable with herself/himself and fully authentic at all times…to unlock the keys to something fantastic.
  • You will never be an innovator-entrepreneur because you are fantastic but only because you have got hold of the keys to unlocking something fantastic. And to be successful, it is important that you are always aware of that difference.