Starting and running a pest control business in Boise, Idaho has had its ups and downs. The idea to start my own pest control business came as I was working for other pest control services during my summers between college semesters. I came to know and understand the ins and outs of a good pest control business. I finished up my business management degree and got to work starting Barrier Pest Control.

Starting a business is not easy and there were some learning curves in learning what business model I wanted Barrier Pest Control to follow. As I got more clients and more pest control business the more I realized that it was the little things that really separated my business away from others in the area. Simply caring about my clients by calling them the day before a pest control appointment to confirm they still needed my service, being on time for the service, always answering phone calls, and returning after hour messages promptly help separate my business from others in the area. These seemingly little things added up to help my business grow and become what it is today.

I’ve also had a lot of help forming Barrier Pest Control into what it is today from the excellent staff that has come aboard along the way. Without their help, the success I have seen would not have happened. Hiring great talent for your business can be a huge asset in separating yourself from the competition. There will always be some bad hires along the way but when you had a few of those you start to have an eye for talent that will fit right in with your business and in the end help you and be an asset in all aspects of the business.

Being an entrepreneur will have challenges but if you stick to what you know to be right for your clients you can’t go wrong. You will find success with any business venture you may start.