Image by Heather Ford

Some words feel like they hurt when I need to spit them out. Usually, that’s when I’m asking for help. Today, I save you from agony, and I tell you some awesome stuff about asking for help so better embrace it if you want to smash that bloody glass ceiling. 

Give yourself the time to feel the pain in your stomach.

First time I needed to ask for help, I needed financial support. For me, it’s the primary indicator of having control over my life and being independent. That’s why I started my business. So, when I had to ask for money to pay my rent, it took me weeks to gain courage. Guess what? I asked, and I survived. Then I had to ask for help many times more. All sorts of help. Here is what it taught me.

You can’t be all things in the world.

Firstly, asking for help means you admit to yourself that you can’t be all things for your business. It means you understand that you, as an individual, don’t know everything. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit to yourself you have shortcomings, but it’s the only way you’ll learn. That acknowledgement is a moment of exceptional growth. Necessary if you want to be successful in what you do.

Asking for help is a strength.

One afternoon I sat at the meeting where one wise man, whom I’ve asked for help, and then had a conversation about how I feel on the subject said to me ‘asking for help is a strength.’ I agree now; it shows you are willing to learn, and people want to help those who wish to their help. I do, anyway. I love helping others, which is why it’s still a mystery to me whey asking for help often feels like I’m disturbing someone. Once I’ve started to think more in positive terms about the act of asking for help, it indeed became a little easier.

Get ready to get naked.

No, I’m not asking you to strip off. I’m telling you to be able to drop your armour. I had a little bit of an advantage when it comes to asking for help. Why? I’ve run a personal blog for over a decade, which taught me to be at one with my vulnerability. Asking for help means you need to learn to be ok with being vulnerable on a very different, personal and professional level in areas that matter for you most. When I ask for help in areas of business close to my values and reasons I do business, the harder it is to ask. You will need to practice. You will need to be honest and resilient, but trust me, beautiful things happen when you brave and do it.

We are stronger together.

In my first six months of entrepreneurship, I had to ask for help more times than I’d ever wish for, but it was by far one of the most important lessons. Why? You have to adjust fast and to do it sometimes you will need help. Beautiful things happen when you ask for help. There will be the time you’ll feel like you on a rocket moving forward through your business space. One phone call that you’ve been dreading for weeks can turn up a better opportunity that you wished for and plenty of open doors.

Giving back to the world is better.

I could have sat at the rooftop terrace enjoying the weather and iced coffee, but if spending half an hour writing, means one of you will find courage 🙂 and pick up that phone or ask that friend for help, if one soul breathes easier because those words make you play big, than it was worth giving up that coffee.

Ask for help people and help in return.