Not a dress rehearsal

Several years back as I was inching up on the big ‘5-0,’ it hit me (right between the eyes) that life is not a dress rehearsal. It was time to do the things I was saving for “some day.” As I listened to what my soul was telling me, I knew I wanted to do more to help people.
A list of career possibilities began to form, including; going back into real estate sales, going to law school, becoming a spiritual director, or becoming a life coach. Intermittent research and soul search ensued. I spiraled deep into analysis paralysis. Weeks and months passed… 

Get Off the Pot

This discernment process included a webinar with Martha Beck that was designed to help people make a decision about their next steps.

I felt the pull, toward life coaching, but had conditioned myself to stay in the decision making process where things weren’t as scary as actually getting off the pot and doing something.  

Let go of the Dog Poop

I went to bed after the webinar, still professing uncertainty and awoke at 4:00 a.m. WIDE AWAKE, all the possibility’s swirling. So I did my favorite thing to process thoughts, walk the dog. Over thinking each choice ad nauseam at 4:00 a.m., I traipsed through the neighborhood in the half light of the street lamps, bag of dog poop in my hand. 

A thought came to the forefront; “Law school! Yeah, then people would finally know I’m smart.” The complete nonsense of that thought struck me, when in that very instant my foot caught on an aging hunk of sidewalk upthrusting a good 3 inches high and after the usual slow motion journey down, down, down, my face smacked the concrete.

I didn’t let go of the dog poop to catch myself, holding on to it like the thoughts that didn’t serve me, which kept my head busy so I couldn’t save myself from wasting more time.

There I was, tears rolling, blood pouring, dog poop still in hand, as I walked the 4 blocks home trying to avoid passing headlights of cars whose drivers might mistake me for a post-prom-Carrie, but on the inside, I was sporting a new clarity, it was time to let go of the proverbial dog poop. No more B.S. or ‘D.S.’ in this case.

Become a Life Coach

The universe was sick of my avoiding the obvious and decided to smack me right between the eyes. Let go of the dog poop thoughts or face the consequences.

Stop the second guessing and get on with it! It was time to institute my own no B.S./D.S. policy and become a life coach. After a trip to the ER for stitches, I signed up for Martha Beck Life Coach School. 

Monkey mind, Lizard Brain and Auto-pilot

As I put my new skills to work with one-on-one clients, creating group programs and retreats, the results we’re in: I was helping all kinds of people to transform monkey minds, lizard brains, and autopilot habits to create the lives they love.

It’s time to release the proverbial bag of dog poop you’re holding on to and turn it into fertilizer to build the life you crave. Life’s too short to carry shit around. Are you ready to let go and reconnect? below.

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