Dietician in chandigarh

In the last few years, we have witnessed an excessive awareness in the people for the absolute need of a fit body and practicing a healthy lifestyle. In today’s time where fast food places are situated at every corner, people are burdened with busy schedules and barely get time for themselves as well as a global pandemic has highlighted how health should always be the first priority, one can’t help but strive to maintain their health for a long and happy life.

A single search on the internet uncovers an array of links claiming to change your life in a matter of days. Fad diets, health related trends, exercise routines, home remedies and many more floating around us all the time can not only confuse us but can also cause harm to our overall well-being in some or the other way. As each body and requirements are unique, special care and consultation is essential. Seeking direction from an experienced professional who can provide you the correct guidance towards your desired goal in the most safe and efficient way.

Dietitian Nikita Tanwar one of the best dietician  in Chandigarh dreamt of an organization which would not only guide individuals towards their dream body but also perpetuate a wholesome and positive mindset with regard to what is actually meant by being healthy. With this vision in mind, she found ‘Urban Diet’ and today after multiple years of successful guidance and thousands of lives changed for the better under her supervision; urban diet is going stronger than ever!

Dietitian Nikita Tanwar did her Bachelors in Home science from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi and Masters in Home science from Government Home Sciences College, Chandigarh. With over 7 years of experience, it is safe to say that her professionalism and immense knowledge of the field has made her a reliable household name nationwide.

Urban diet endeavors to promote a healthy lifestyle through achievable goals, producing desired results. Rather than relying on synthetic supplements or following methods such as starvation, depriving oneself of specific types of foods for quick and temporary results. Urban diet believes that health is not something only physical but it is a state of overall well-being, therefore, urban diet strives to guide you to become emotionally stable and happier, mentally stronger and positive as well as physically fitter and more active than before.

Dietitian Nikita Tanwar herself asks her clients to cultivate the following 4 mantras for a healthier self in their lives. She believes that rather than following eating trends on the internet or blindly following the diets people around us follow, one must understand what their body requires in their diet and accommodate their food habits according to that. Sleep, something which most of us tend to take lightly is a deciding factor in our health. Everything in our life, from what we eat to how we behave, relies on sleep. A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for a healthier and sharper you. Physical activity is advised by everyone for a fit body but someone who isn’t used to working out, or spends most of their time sitting/ indoors, assimilating movement in their daily life, taking stairs instead of the elevator or choosing to walk while going to the market etc. small changes are helpful. She is especially big on emotional well-being as humans are driven by their emotions. When one feels bad, they either tend to overeat or skip meals altogether. Therefore, maintain a positive outlook on life and trying to maintain a better emotional state than the previous day is what one should strive for.

Urban diet offers multiple programs, ranging from designing a nutritious and well-balanced diet for your child under the kids care program or guiding one in your weight loss journey by cutting on the unnecessary intake as well as eating to satisfy the soul, there’s a program designed specially to provide the client with the correct environment they need for their journey.

Urban diet consistently interacts with its clients to understand their needs and goals, provides with the best possible answers and updates on the progress consistently. Each report is put under the analytical lens for rewarding results or even changes the routes in case a different approach is required by the client.

Dietitian Nikita Tanwar absolutely believes in client centered approach and therefore, Urban diet entirely focuses on long term positive results for the client by applying pocket friendly, achievable targets one can imbibe in their lives. Urban Diet is not just a platform to change one’s body but also change one’s life, becoming a better and brighter version of themselves.