Technology enables us to do a lot of things that would be impossible otherwise. Sharing images over the air and thousands of miles seems like something out of a science fiction movie, and yet it is now the most normal thing in the world. We carry on our pockets the collected pool of human knowledge and we do not think twice about it. LetsView makes one of those technological innovations feel closer, easier, and far more accessible than it seems possible. We are going to take a look at this app and what it is all about. The features, its possible uses and how you would go about setting it up. Let us begin now to review this app.

What is LetsView, exactly?

LetsView is an app that allows you to share your phone screen across multiple devices. You may need to have the contents of your phone screen shared with a few or a lot of people at the same time. We all know that it is not very comfortable to hunch over a small phone screen even if there are just two or three of you. Imagine trying to show something to five or six people at a time. Soon the whole thing becomes a nightmare. That is exactly what LetsView comes to fix. It will enable you to very easily share the contents of your screen. You will be able to do this across different platforms and in a very reliable way. There quite a few interesting applications for this kind of technology.

Why now?

This technology has been around for quite some time now. The truth is that, even though it is a great feature to have it has never worked quite right until now. Either there were reliability issues that made the process unusable, or perhaps it was quite hard to set up. Maybe you had the ability to do it, but the process was cold and boring. Another issue used to be that it was hard to share across different platforms. LetsView takes care of all of those concerns. We are going to take a look at the main features of this app so that you know what we mean.


The features packed into this app are quite remarkable. Let us go over each of them one by one so that you know what you can expect from this great product.

1.         Share your screen instantly.

This app is fast. Just one click and you are showing your content on the desired screen. No hustle, no problems, no lag. This is one of the main reasons that an app like that has failed to take off in the past. This is a great feature to have, one that sets LetsView apart from its competition.

2.         Very reliable.

Your connection will work. It will work fast and in a very reliable way. You will not need to worry about it breaking up or stuttering. Once the connection is established you are good to go.

3.         Share the phone screen to android, iOS and PC.

Cross-platform use is a huge advantage to have. You can send the screen of your phone or tablet anywhere. It works with PC, Mac, iPhones, Android phones and any other android device. That includes things such as AndroidTV and Chromecast.

4.         No color aberration or other distortions of the image.

You will get a clear picture. It will be a faithful duplication of whatever it is you are sending. You will see no distortion on either screen, ever. That is great if you are showing off something and you need it to look exactly as it was designed.

5.         Use your phone, tablet or PC.

All screen sizes are supported, you can use LetsView on a small phone, a really big tablet or even a projector or big screen TV. There are no limitations in terms of resolution or screen size.


There are some very interesting uses that you could give to an application such as these. We are going to list a few of the most common ones, but you could use this for anything, really. Let us take a look.

1.         Great tool for teachers.

If you are ahead of a classroom you could put this great app to use. You can share the contents of your lecture using just your phone. You get complete control of whatever is being displayed because it is right at your fingertips. It will add great value to any lesson.

2.         Meetings just got a lot better.

Boring presentations that do not work well are a thing of the past. You can set your presentation up in no time with LetsView. And you will not be limited to the slides you prepared. If you need a quick example you can jump on the internet and find an image or video to support whatever it is that pops into your mind.

3.         You can use this to share designs.

If you work on designing you know the value of a tool that has no image distortion whatsoever. You can quickly share what you are working on with a lot of people on whatever screen you see fit.

4.         Enjoy your favorite entertainment content on the screen that you choose.

Now you can share whatever you are in to with your friends. Movie night or watching a game with a group of people just turned a lot easier.

5.         Share your best plays.

Gaming on phones today is just as complex and entertaining than on any other platform. There is even competitive gaming going on on phones and tablets. This is a great way to show of your skills.


The installation process is so simple that it will not take much for us to describe it. Just head over to LetsView’s website and download the installer if you are on a pc or mac. You can search for the app in Google’s Playstore or the Appstore if you are using a phone or tablet. Follow the simple instructions on the screen and you are done with the setup. You can start enjoying it right away.


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