Letter To My 16-Year-Old-Self

Dear 16-Year-Old Eman,

Life never goes as we contemplate it. But who I am today is a result of everything that has happened to me in the past. If I go back in time and change even the slightest thing, I would not be here. All of those incidents, heartbreaks, mishaps, and unfortunate events were meant to happen to weave me into the best version of myself. But that does not mean life is perfect now too.

Life still has its ups and downs, but I’ve learned to master the art of patience. I’ve learned to let go of all the negative feelings in my mind and I’ve learned to remind myself that I am not a bad person for committing mistakes. Because committing mistakes is only a part of being human. It is a part of being real. And one day, perhaps decades from now, happiness will grow in all of the saddest parts of you. You shall be happy, as though you never grieved

As a young girl, bright and beautiful, you often hoped to live in a world without chaos and crime. You dreamt of a world without cruelty and hatred. But change starts from within, and if others are not good, start by shifting your perspective from negative to positive. Be more compassionate, be more kind. 

What someone else is going through, we have no clue. Unless we try imagining ourselves in their shoes. It made your heart bleed, seeing all of those terrorist attacks on the news. And people don’t respect others’ views. All the minorities face abuse. To become kinder and wiser, they refuse. And for all of the hate crimes, they always find an irrelevant excuse. Disrespect with love they confuse. Black lives, Muslim lives, and Asian lives are important, but they’re the ones who are accused. In the crevices of your heart, society and its people have inflicted a constant bruise. And our poverty they misuse. We have no option to choose. In this war of life, you shall not loose. You shall never lose. 

And When darkness is all, it seems. When no one hears you when you scream. And when the river of your tears stream. Only then will the strength of your heart and the courage of your soul beam. Do not let these fleeting feelings of anguish, grief, and distress waver you from the path of your dreams. Even if the future seems too bleak for hope, and the burden of life feels too heavy to carry on your shoulders. Also, if you feel as though you are drowned in a deep ocean of heartbreaks and sadness. Only hope will get you through this madness. Only hope shall pull you out of the darkness and embrace away your sadness. 

I am at a point in life where I am satisfied with the way I’ve lived. If only I had given up halfway towards the path of my dreams. If only I had not believed in myself, I would not have fulfilled every little thing I thought of accomplishing as a child. We are all given life for a purpose. They might curse us, but their words will not concern us because the world has developed so much, economically, and educationally, that you will be offered opportunities. Not on the basis of your race, religion, culture, caste, or creed, but the basis of your credibilities only. In a world full of discrimination, you might feel lonely. The pain shall kill you slowly. But happiness shall find its way to the doorsteps of your heart very soon. Just like the good times have passed away, the bad times will too.

Love strangers wholly. There is a lot of despise and envy in this world already, and in the end, kindness always wins; that’s what life has shown me. Letting go of all the negativity will set you free. Because the world that I live in today is far more civilized, eco-friendly, and modernized than what it used to be. Unity and harmony all around are all you would see. As I sit in a cafe in Venice gazing at the sky above me sipping on my afternoon coffee, wondering where had life taken me, I never expected the world to be this nice. Still, it is calming to know that my children would not have to live in a world where they would be treated differently just because they are different than the rest. That is the kind of world you imagine living in. Congratulations, your dream has come true. God heard your prayers. Just a little more patience my dear, and you’d see your desires, wishes, and dreams manifest into reality. 

Love Always,

Your twenty-one-year-old self.