Whenever you hear the phrase Letting Go, or something remotely close to that, do you start singing the Frozen theme song in your head?! Gosh, that song just plays on repeat for me once I have it in my head! 

Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

We were up at my family cottage for the Labor Day holiday and I noticed that the leaves were changing colors already. Now while I will admit fall is my ultimate favorite season, there is a part of me that is sad to see the summer days slowly coming to an end.

I love using nature as a metaphor for life, so while I was reflecting on what the fall season represents for me, I realized that the theme Letting Go was pulsing in my mind. While the spring represents rebirth for me, I think about fall as being more symbolic for transformation and change. It beautifully represents nature’s ability to let go, with grace and ease, in order for transformation to take place.

It also makes me think of hibernation, or rather how animals and humans prepare for it. During this time, animals prepare for the winter by storing food and creating their hibernation spaces, and farmers build up their reserve of crops. Such simple reminders about the importance of reconnecting with ourselves during this time, in order to let go, and preserve our ‘safe havens.’ 

In order to begin the ‘letting go’ process we have to first come into stillness. In order to even become aware of that which needs letting go of, we have to slow down. We have to slow down to tune inward to even notice the habitual patterns and ways of being that have taken over. Everyday we are being given clues on what needs to be released, let go, or healed, but when we are moving quickly, we miss the signs. It isn’t until we come to a screeching halt that we are really capable of doing the ‘letting go work.’ 

You might be thinking, what am I letting go of, Libby? And that is a great question. When we do the work, we are letting go of habitual behaviors or thoughts, some might be letting go of relationships that no longer serve them. Others might need to forgive someone. Or maybe we need to let go of the need to control every detail of our life, loosen the reigns, and just finally surrender. The work is different for every person. 

Here are some questions to ponder to get you started. What triggers have been coming up for you lately? Who is triggering you? What life circumstances and experiences seem to keep repeating themselves? What thinking patterns cause stress? 

Once I become aware of what needs letting go I like to meditate and journal. I name the emotions and feelings, I become aware of how my body feels, and I might cry (or sometimes laugh!). I express gratitude for the lessons and growth and I take time for lots of self care and nourishment, like taking a bath to ‘cleanse’ away whatever I’m focusing on. The process is different every time, so I just try to tune into whatever my mind and body need to help me heal in this experience. Sometimes the healing happens quickly, and other times it takes longer. I have learned to trust the process because I truly believe the old patterns will release and the healing happens in the most divine timing.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this process, and what I know to be true, is that when I focus on my release work, my soul sings a different tune. It signs a little louder, a little more peaceful, and with a little more comfort, safety, calmness. The tune becomes a little more spirited and enthusiastic and it feels free. And when I let go, I am more compassionate, loving, and empathetic. 

I let go for me, but I also let go for everyone around me, and on this planet for that matter. Our healing work has a much deeper purpose beyond just the healing in it for each of us personally. It benefits every living soul on this planet when you let go and release. When you heal, I heal, and we give permission to others to heal. When you let go of that which no longer serves, habitual ways of being, fears and limiting beliefs, and when you forgive (yourself and others), your soul soars to new heights. In this place, life is a little more ‘juicy,’ magical and abundant!

Yes, letting go means change, and I realize this can be scary for some. However, the fall shows us how stunningly beautiful it can be if we embrace change with open arms, knowing that this is just a moment in time that soon shall pass. 

What do you need to release this fall so that you can let your soul sing a little louder this season?

Letting go let’s my soul sing. What a beautiful sound.