In Memory of Luna Atkins and all the babies that watch from above.

A long standing member of Superchoir’s senior management team and choir director Phillipa Atkins who now runs Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools in South Wales gave birth to precious baby Luna on the 9th May 2020. The baby girl Luna sadly passed away a few days later to suspected sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

In honour of Luna’s life, Philippa is raising money for the neo-natal department at the Cardiff and the Vale Health Charity. The team at Superchoir have all rallied around to create a virtual fundraiser to sing the song Times Like These by the Foo Fighters.

The Superchoir team set up a Just Giving page asking people to donate to commit to the fundraiser and join them in a private Facebook group where people all over the world can tune in to learn their harmonies and rehearse from home. Then people will submit their videos individually so that these get put together to form an almighty virtual choir performance.

Philippa says: 

“Luna has taught me, life is too short and too precious. We owe it to her to fill the world with more music and more joy! Superchoir will help you find a good community to be around. I’ve needed positive influences in my life and singing with Superchoir this year has made me happy.”

Philippa Atkins

This video has just been released and will remain online for all those that would like to see a really powerful performance from a group of people that have united in song to support a mother and father with their grief journey.

This is the last day of Baby Loss Awareness Week in 2020 and October is Pregnancy and Infant Awareness month.

Superchoir welcomes everyone to enjoy the performance and keep sharing, the video on their Facebook page. In the hope that this will bring light, joy and the sense of community support to all those parents grieving the loss of their children.

“This superchoir fundraiser was created to keep sharing the light and joy that Luna brought to the world even if it was only for a few days.”

Philippa Atkins Luna’s Mum

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Superchoir is brought to you by Inspire Me, a Cardiff based company that has had over a decade of success working with the biggest employers globally on leadership training, workforce engagement and workforce happiness.

Superchoir is a South Wales born choir that is all about singing amazing upbeat songs. It’s all about feeling really good and having loads of fun.

It offers both physical choirs across South Wales and an almighty global Superchoir using Zoom video conferencing.

It’s an entry level group that anyone over the age of 18 can get involved with and be a part of. There are no solos, no auditions, no hymn books – you simply try a taster session and sign up if you enjoy.

Superchoir sings anywhere from 3 to 6-part harmony, so it suits all singers or non-singers for that matter, from total beginner to a seasoned singer. It’s all done by ear, all about listening in and working with the rest of the choir to create something wonderful.

Our first ever Superchoir launched in Cardiff Bay over half a decade ago and has continued to grow across Wales into the Valleys ever since.

If you’re looking to join a choir that has the warmest welcome, is easy going and super sociable, that can help you build your confidence as a person and as a singer and most importantly, that can totally boost how you feel inside – then Superchoir is for you.

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