So many of us go through our lives with grand dreams in our heads, but no viable pathway for bringing those ideas into our reality. We all dream, but that ratio of dreamers to go-getters is much smaller. So then, what separates those who dream from those who succeed? Shinjini Das believes it’s the ‘Go-Getter’ mindset, and she’s so confident in it that she has let it guide her life’s trajectory.

Shinjini Das is an established and respected motivational speaker and CEO of Das Media Group, a media company that focuses on building content with meaning in order to monetize your message. Shinjini has been involved in the world of public speaking for over 14 years, beginning at the age of 15 where she tested her mettle in the arena of competitive public speaking, and was discovered at her 8th-grade valedictorian graduation speech to be offered a scholarship to Georgia Tech for Industrial Engineering. Shinjini has travelled the country and beyond, speaking on multiple national tv outlets and contributing to major publications such as Huffington Post.

Shinjini believes that Go-Getters differentiate themselves from daydreamers by having a vision and formulating actionable plans that they can see themselves attaining. Moving from a reactionary mindset that allows life to happen to you, into a proactive mindset that actively shapes your life to your dreams is the power that go-getters harness to succeed. With a social following well into the 6-figures, Shinjini is a passionate advocate for her #GoGetters, supporting her community through real-time motivational media content marketing. Reaching over 15 million views from go-getters per month, her goal is to inspire and support those people to make the first moves to go get their own goals. 

Learning how to use her own passion as fuel for her success, Shinjini has made it her life’s work to help people, especially women of colour, realize that their life and career goals are within their reach; that brave step forward is the beginning of a journey of fulfillment and empowerment waiting to be seized. Her recently released story “Unapologetically, Shinjini – A Memoir at 26” describes her journey of becoming a go-getter and how it changed her life’s trajectory. With the release of her book, Shinjini vowed that for every copy purchased, she would donate one copy to underprivileged go-getters in her community, and has emailed over 1000 copies into the hands of deserving go-getters in India, Kenya, Philippines, internationally so far!

Being recognized for the impact she’s had on her community, the United States Department of State invited Shinjini and the Das Media Group to join the US Speaker Program in 2017 with a special focus on serving Latin American countries. To date, Shinjini has travelled to Paraguay, Bolivia and Honduras to build a media curriculum of special speaking tours that focus on empowering the youth to cultivate their dreams and build digital businesses. She has created and hosted digital marketing lectures in Spanish to thousands of Latino/a go-getters since the program’s inception, demonstrating the ability for Shinjini and the Das Media Group to execute media marketing strategies that connect to specific audiences while seeing tangible ROI metrics.

If you want to take control over your dreams and become a go-getter that seizes their goals, connect with Shinjini Das through her website, or her social media pages; Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube to dive into the wealth of content she provides for her community that will set you on the path to becoming a go-getter and achieving your goals.