I have often observed and analyzed people – my inquisitive, intellectual side!

How do we function?  How do we make decisions?  Why do we make certain choices?

For the most part, most of us wish to live smooth, happy and model lives.

Some of us appear to be achieving this goal quite easily.  Others of us run into bumps or major storms along the way from managing family, relationships, finances, health, etc.

It is quite easy to see that life is NOT putting us in the same situations – each of us having our own unique way of attracting, responding and reacting to life.  

I agree with metaphysical thoughts that say each of us uniquely designs our life experiences from beginning to end.  My knowing says that we pre-plan our lives with specific goals.

Why would we design or plan certain experiences for our Self?

We have contracted or agreed to play a certain role with others in this life for specific higher-level reasons!  This means, we are often challenged and needing to find our way beyond challenging situation.  We are often needing to survive, learn and respond to situations without losing our Light.

What is the purpose of these experiences?

Each experience helps us LEARN so we can HEAL by going within to discover and know our SELF.

Two truths to know:

(1) What we are learning has little to do with blaming others for the faults of others;

(2) We heal our life because ultimately, we are the CREATORS.

More details on the terms used above:

LEARNING means we look at the situation in the highest way to see how we might best digest a situation to forgive our Self or others.  The idea is to release negative emotions. To do this, we must embrace compassion, forgiveness and self-love.  It often means ‘changing our minds’ to re-wire a belief that does not serve us and/or detach from a relationship that hurts us.

HEALING is not easily understood.  It truly relates to energetic imprints or patterns that need to be released.  We are energetic beings in a physical body.  Energetic imprints or patterns are scars that come from current or past lives based on how we responded to any given situation.  These scars remain present in our lives because we never appropriately or positively resolved, saw or address them. The scars show up to affect who we are, what we think and how we feel.  The scars along with our beliefs impact the way we see and respond to the world.  The scars show up in our everyday life as blocks, judgments, thoughts, physical ailments, emotional triggers, etc.

What strategies would help me with learning and healing?

Become the observer of your thoughts, your reactions and the life you are creating.  Be open to learn from each and every situation that presents itself to you.  Instead of finding fault in others – ask, “What did I have to learn from this situation?”   Often times, these are lessons in self-love and standing in our power.  In the end, we must resolve the situation and move toward positivity – remembering to release the negative thoughts and emotions within our Self.

What about the Law of Attraction?  Do we attract everything in our lives?

WE do NOT attract everything that comes our way in lives.  Sometimes, things just show up!  Sometimes, things just need to play out!   If something negative happens, choose to play it out best you can without letting negativity impact you long term.  Choose to focus on the positive and quiet down – to connect to SELF.  Awareness means we SEE to learn.  From there we can choose to flow, feel and change.

It is tough to appreciate or understand fully a challenging experience. This is true! This is where we must accept that we do not and will not ever fully understand the magnitude of complexities in life.

Much Love,  Michelle

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